Blake Harper

Blake Harper is a contributing writer and editor at Fatherly, where he covers entertainment and news. Blake's focus as a writer is primarily covering movies and television, as he's written about the toxic masculinity of Johnny Bravo, why it would suck living in the MCU, and, of course, the psychological effects of a cartoon lion sparking your sexual awakening.

He also has written about sports, including the ethics of the mercy rule in little league and whether or not contact sports should be considered child abuse, along with interviewing Paul Pierce, Baron Davis, Eric Decker, and many others.

Blake has written and edited for a plethora of publications over his eight years in digital media, starting with the Santa Barbara Independent in 2014 before joining Fatherly in 2015. As a freelancer, Blake has contributed to Mel Magazine, Yahoo, Buzzfeed, All That's Interesting, Paste Magazine, and several other publications, covering everything from the streaming wars to the origins of the flat-earth conspiracy to investigating the logistics of Ferris Bueller's infamous day off.

He lives in Brooklyn, where he enjoys swimming laps at his local YMCA and hanging out on his roof as much as possible. He has a cat named Zebra whom he loves dearly despite being a total menace. He's probably going to start a podcast one of these days.


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