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11 Date Night Ideas That Don’t Suck

ByAdam Bulger

A bunch of parents filled us in on their favorite date-night rituals with their spouses.


Your Wife Is Not Your Best Friend. Thinking She Is Can Kill Your Marriage.

ByLauren Vinopal

Drawing a distinction between friendship and marriage is important for the success of the latter, experts warn.


23 Damn Good Pieces Of Marriage Advice All Couples Should Read


Want a happy marriage? Understanding this advice — offered by therapists, relationship experts, and other professionals — can help.


How To Respond When Someone Gives You The Silent Treatment

ByBrittany Risher

This is what to do when someone ices you out — and how to prevent the treatment in the future.


How To Be More Assertive Without Pissing People Off

BySteve Calechman

At its most basic, being assertive is stating what you want. But going about it the wrong way can often bite you.

Stay Nimble

5 Tips For Becoming A More Flexible (And Much Happier) Parent

ByJeremy Brown

Staying rigid will keep you in one place for life. 


What To Say When You’re Upset By Your Partner’s Spending Habits

BySteve Calechman

The sentiment that needs to get across is: "We’re a team and we have shared goals. What can we do collectively to reach them?"


So, You’re No Longer Attracted To Your Partner. Now What?

ByAshley Abramson

A loss of attraction is very common in long-term relationships. But it shouldn't be ignored. Here are the steps experts recommend you take to get it back.


19 Sex Questions For Couples Who Want To Know One Another Better


Want to improve intimacy or just get to know your partner — and yourself — better? Ask the right questions.

Say You're Sorry

12 Texts To Send Your Partner After A Big Fight

ByMatt Christensen

Whether you want to send a tactful message of regret for taking things too far or a simple note to help you re-engage later, these messages are a good start.


Fewer Ultimatums, More Boundaries: What Tough Love Looks Like in a Marriage

ByAshley Abramson

“The point is not to control your spouse, it is to control yourself and make better choices.”

Little Things

How I Show My Wife Appreciation, According To 15 Men

ByMatt Christensen

There are a lot of things that go into a happy marriage. But showing appreciation is one of the most important.


What To Do When You Feel Lonely In Your Relationship

ByAshley Abramson

No matter why you’re feeling lonely in your relationship, there are a few steps you can take to overcome it.


Could MDMA Help Fix Your Relationship? These Couples Say Yes

ByEJ Dickson

By opening up deeper lines of communication some therapists and couples think a drug might be the the key to marital ecstasy.

Sex Work

I’m a Porn Star And A Dad. It’s Weird, But It Works.

ByCarrie Weisman

Mickey Mod has been involved in the adult entertainment for more than 11 years. He’s also a new dad. Here, he walks us through how he balances parenthood with life in the industry.


My Husband’s Affair Helped Save Our Marriage

ByLizzy Francis

Instead of sweeping things under the rug, we picked up the rug and shook it out.