Benedict Cumberbatch Says His Kids Keep Him “Grounded” As He Gets the Biggest Award Of His Life

Dr. Strange has his priorities straight.

Benedict Cumberbatch speaking at podium
Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

This week, Benedict Cumberbatch became the latest in a long line of onscreen legends to be honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And during his acceptance speech, the Doctor Strange star shared a bit about how much his family means to him, as well as reminding everyone that even the biggest movie stars in the world are still total dorks in the eyes of their children.

Cumberbatch started out by praising his wife, Sophie, noting how much she means to him and all of the things he appreciates about her, including her “searing honesty.” Speaking to Sophie, who was in the audience, he said that “together we’ve created an amazing family of three extraordinary human beings,” referring to their sons Christopher, Hal, and Finn.

While the 45-year-old is among the biggest stars in the world (who is also widely considered the favorite to win the Oscar for Power of the Dog), he’s managed to keep his trio of sons entirely out of the spotlight and he noted that he wouldn’t talk about them too much publicly. However, he did share a bit that made it clear that being a dad is a far more important job to him than being an actor.

Cumberbatch said that his “amazing” sons “taught me so much about what I do and know.” And he also told the audience that anyone who thought that he might be getting too much of an “ego pump” from receiving a Hollywood Star shouldn’t worry because his sons are great at keeping him humble. And in his final remarks, he said he hoped to bring his sons to see his latest achievement.

“Thank you for keeping me grounded, boys,” he concluded. “I love you so much. One day, in disguises, maybe we’ll sneak out here and have a little photograph together on daddy’s star. But you’re my little stars.”