June 3, 2023
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Why Every Couple Should Examine Their “Sex Script”

ByMatt Berical

Renowned therapist and author Dr. Ian Kerner explains why understanding your script is so important to a healthy and happy sex life.


9 Expert Tips For Fathers Seeking Full Custody Of Their Children

ByAdam Bulger

It’s still quite rare for a father to gain full custody. Rare, but certainly not impossible.

Comms Check

8 Communication Exercises That Help Everyone Be Heard

ByJeremy Brown

Talking is easy. But communicating? That takes a little more effort. 

Rub A Dub

How To Give A Really Good Back Massage

ByMatt Christensen

Bring your rub-down skills to the next level by following these expert tips.

Cool Dads

Cool Dads By Fatherly

ByAriela Basson

What makes a cool dad? One who sets trends, pushed boundaries, is a leader, and incorporates fatherhood into everything he does. Dads like these.

Game Off

What I Gained When I Gave Up Watching Sports

ByJon Bennett

Professional sports had a pervasive control over my life. When I quit watching, I started paying attention to what was truly important.


The Secret to Getting Your Sex Drives Synced Up

ByCarrie Weisman

Dr. Ian Kerner, a nationally recognized psychotherapist, clues us in.

Photo Essay

The Sunny Dreams And Sandy Realities Of The Great American Beach Vacation

ByChristian Dashiell

From the Oregon coast to Atlantic City, the great beach destinations have a story to tell about leisure time, equality, and the shared American experience.


The 11 Best Family Hikes in America

ByLauren Steele

From Ocean Path in Acadia to the Trail of Ten Falls in Oregon, here are the top picks for hiking with kids in America.


100 Reasons to Unplug and Get Outside


Need a push to hang up the phone, put down the tablet, turn off the TV, and go explore the world? Here's your motivation.


The One That Got Away

ByMike Diago

A dad tries to rekindle a family’s father-son fishing tradition — but his son fails to take the bait.

Crack the Whip

It Belongs In a Museum! Every Indiana Jones Movie Finally Hit Disney Plus — But For How Long?

ByRyan Britt

Indy is on the move.

Mad About You

How I Stopped Being an Angry Dad

ByDavid Willans

I used to be angry. It took me a long time to admit and even a longer time to improve, but I've finally arrived at a better place. You can, too.


What Keeping Secrets Does To A Relationship

ByVirginia Pelley

The average person keeps roughly 13 secrets. Each has consequences for you, your partner, and your relationship.


How To Stop Being So Damn Grumpy All The Time

BySeth Simons

A guide to understanding — and addressing — your sour mood.


Rough Patches Are A Natural Part of Marriage. Don’t Ignore Them.

ByChris Illuminati

“All relationships endure ups and downs. This is normal. Remembering that takes off some of the mental pressure and fear.”