Feb. 5, 2023

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11 Date Night Ideas That Don’t Suck

ByAdam Bulger

A bunch of parents filled us in on their favorite date-night rituals with their spouses.


I Really Miss The Pizza Hut Buffets Of The ‘90s

ByLauren Vinopal

Few restaurants dare to combine all-you-can-eat pudding and pizza. It’s a shame, really.


Your Wife Is Not Your Best Friend. Thinking She Is Can Kill Your Marriage.

ByLauren Vinopal

Drawing a distinction between friendship and marriage is important for the success of the latter, experts warn.


23 Damn Good Pieces Of Marriage Advice All Couples Should Read


Want a happy marriage? Understanding this advice — offered by therapists, relationship experts, and other professionals — can help.


How I Learned To Forgive My Father’s Addiction

ByKassie Perkins

The trauma of a parent's addiction can cause a lot of pain to a child. Here’s how I overcame the bitterness and anger to find something close to forgiveness.


No, A Father Cannot ‘Babysit’ His Own Kids

ByMatthew A.C. Newsome

Please stop saying this.


7 Ways To Stand Out When You’re Working Remotely

ByAdam Bulger

It can be easy to fade into the background when you’re working remotely and most of the staff isn’t. Here are some tactics to help you stay visible.


I Lost My Mind At This Customer Who Was Rude To The Cashier For No Reason

ByMatt Christensen

"By then, people were starting to clamor around – I probably ended up as a video on YouTube somewhere."


The Moment I Realized I’d Be OK as a Parent After Losing My Wife

ByAs Told To Fatherly

Jason, a 37-year-old recently widowed dad from Atlanta, explains how he stepped up for his daughter on a rocky flight. 


6 Important Skills To Help You Succeed In The Modern Workplace

BySteve Calechman

Want to make a real impact at work? Prioritize these skills.

Get Aways

Kevin Costner Is Letting You Rent His Ranch — But Yellowstone Fans Might Be Disappointed

ByDevan McGuinness

The 'Yellowstone' star recently listed his Colorado ranch for rent.


How To Respond When Someone Gives You The Silent Treatment

ByBrittany Risher

This is what to do when someone ices you out — and how to prevent the treatment in the future.

Looking Back

The Behavior I Wish I Modeled For My Kids Sooner

ByMatt Christensen

You’re your kids’ best example. There’s no better time to start showing them why.

Little Things

54 Small, Nice Things To Do for Yourself

ByFatherly Editors

In order to be there for your family, you have to be there for yourself


The Secret to Asking for a Cost of Living Raise

ByAdam Bulger

It’s all about knowing when as much as how.


What To Say To Someone Who Lost A Baby

BySteve Calechman

It can be hard to find the right words and actions to help someone dealing with such a loss. Here are some to use.