July 5, 2022

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A Year-By-Year Guide To Your Risk Of Divorce

ByLauren Vinopal

Newlyweds and old married couples have one thing in common — they should never get too comfortable.


The 8 Best Family Dog Breeds You’ve Never Heard Of

ByLizzy Francis

We went to the American Kennel Club's Meet the Breeds event looking for the next great (non-retriever) family dog. We found a lot of very good doggos.


Why Am I Always the One Initiating Sex?

ByLauren Vinopal

There are biological and physiological reasons your wife may not make the first move.


How to Be a Better Husband Right Now: 55 Small, Nice Things to Do


It's the little things that matter.


What Is the Divorce Rate in America?

ByVirginia Pelley

People tend to think that more than 50 percent of couples get divorced every year in America. But that's not true. Here's what is.


How to Have Great Sex While High

ByCarrie Weisman

A professional walks us through the highs and lows of smoking up before sex.


7 Ways Men Can Have Stronger, More Pleasurable Orgasms

ByAdam Bulger

Who says you can't make a great thing even better?


How Men Lose the Respect of Their Wives, Kids, and Families — And How They Can Win It Back

ByVirginia Pelley

Regardless of how it was lost, respect can be hard to get back. Commanding it isn’t the answer.


Kids Eat Free — 20 Restaurants That Give Parents Get a Break

ByEmily Kelleher

Every little bit helps.


How to Be a Little Wiser: 3 Practical Tips From Wisdom Experts

BySteve Calechman

Here's how to build a bit more wisdom into your life, according to those who study it.

Bank Of Dad

5 Ways to Beat Interest Rate Hikes

ByDaniel Kurt

In a bid to bust inflation, interest rates will continue to rise. These are the protective measures to take.


Dating After Divorce: What It’s Like to Get Back Out There, According to 12 Men

ByMatt Christensen

Getting back out there is different for everyone.


The Silent Treatment: How to Respond When Your Spouse Ices You Out

ByBrittany Risher

This is what to do when someone ices you out — and how to address issues more clearly.


9 Swimming Pool Games That Are Way Better Than ‘Sharks and Minnows’

ByAlexis Barad-Cutler

They’re certain to make a big splash.

Support Network

12 Thoughtful Texts To Send A Stressed Out Partner

ByMatt Christensen

When your significant other is dealing with considerable stress, these messages of support may just be what they need to read.

The Long Haul

Couples Who Make It Through Tough Times Share These 8 Traits

ByVirginia Pelley

In the long run, this is the stuff that really matters.