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All Apologies

Don't Say You're Sorry. Write It.

ByJeremy Brown

A written apology can mean a lot — and ensure you make clear what you truly need to say.


How To Reinvent Yourself

ByVirginia Pelley

The new book, NEXT!, lays out the path to making a major life change. Here’s what successful self-reinvention truly requires, and the big mistakes to avoid along the way.

Ask Away

12 Important Questions To Ask Your Dad Before He’s Gone

ByMatt Christensen

If you have the opportunity to connect, don't let it pass.

Cool Dads

Chris Gethard Talks With Lonely Dads. Somehow, We All Feel Better Now

ByChris Gethard

The comedian sat down with his wildest friends to talk about their transition to fatherhood. Turns out they’re all less fun than they used to be — and that’s alright with them (sort of).

Escape Plan

Go Ahead, Be A Man

ByVirginia Pelley

Limiting yourself to old ideas of masculinity is lonely and dangerous. Embracing new ideas is the only way to escape.


The Healthy Way To Handle Criticism From Your Partner

BySteve Calechman

Whether you feel their critique is valid or completely out of left field, this is how to productively handle the discussion.


What Is The Male Version Of A Karen?

ByMatt Berical

His name is Ken. Or Terry. Or Greg. And he might be you.


Why Men Lose The Respect Of Their Families — And How They Can Win It Back

ByVirginia Pelley

Regardless of how it was lost, respect can be hard to get back. Commanding it isn’t the answer.

Looking Back

What I Wish I Did With My Kids More Often When They Were Little

ByMatt Christensen

The thing about time is that one it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

Support Network

12 Thoughtful Texts To Send A Stressed Out Partner

ByMatt Christensen

When your significant other is dealing with considerable stress, these messages of support may just be what they need to read.

Buddy Systems

How My Friends And I Stay In Touch Now That We're All Dads

ByMatt Christensen

Fantasy leagues. Goldeneye tournaments. Recipe groups. This is what helps these men stay connected amidst the chaos of parenting.


How to Convince Someone That They’re Wrong

BySteve Calechman

Frustrated by stubborn friends or family? This psychological tactic is your secret weapon.

Talk Shop

Stressed? These 8 Tips Can Help You Communicate Better

ByVirginia Pelley

Do you not communicate effectively when you’re stressed? Join the club. These tips can help change your behavior.

Noble Pursuits

Are You Having Fun Yet?

BySteve Calechman

As Mike Rucker, author of The Fun Habit explains, building more fun into your life has serious benefits — and is a better pursuit than “happiness.”

Back To Basics

How To Stop Avoiding Conflict And Make Arguments More Productive

ByMatt Berical

By and large, we all suck at disagreements. But shying away from conflict is useless. Here's how to turn disagreements into productive discourse.

Defining Moments

What Are Your Core Values? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions

BySteve Calechman

Whether yours need to be clarified or created from scratch, this is how to develop your defining values.