The 4 Funniest Moments from Zoë Kravitz’s ‘Saturday Night Live’

Catwoman brought down the house.

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This has been one of the better seasons of Saturday Night Live in recent years and the show had another hit over the weekend, as Zoë Kravitz hosted the latest episode of SNL and managed to deliver a ton of laughs. After her excellent work on the wonderful High Fidelity reboot, we know that Kravitz can bring the funny. And yes, she was down to make fun of Catwoman. Here are four of the best moments from the episode.

Zoë Kravitz Monologue

Coming off the success of The Batman, it’s no surprise that the monologue mostly focused on Kravitz’s dynamite performance as Catwoman. After joking that she prepared for the role by watching Cats every day for a year (a guaranteed recipe to drive anyone insane), Kravitz was joined by Kate McKinnon as ‘Catwoman from the ’90s.’ She bragged about bringing her whip (“you know, like cats have”) before sharing the ridiculous origin story of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman in Batman Returns. McKinnon then threw up the “Cat Signal,” which summoned Ego Nwodim — cosplaying as Eartha Kitt from the ’60s Batman. Finally, Aidy Bryant showed up as a cat lady, referring to one of her cats as her husband, and has hosted a show called Saturday Night Cat in her mind dozens of times.

Cold Open

Once again, SNL opened the show by addressing the ongoing conflict in Ukraine but this time, the focus was on President Biden (played by James Austin Johnson) and his real-life meeting with TikTok influencers to help sway public opinion by fighting against misinformation. The fact that this really happened is absurd enough and it gave the cast an excuse to play the most ridiculous TikTok stars they could think of. There were several hilarious characters (most of which were based on real-life TikTokers) but they saved the best for last, as Bowen Yang came bursting in with a plunger attached to his nipple and gave a rant against people who think the idea of the President meeting with TikTokers to discuss Russia “might sound like a joke.”

Amazon Go Commercial

The funniest sketch of the night was easily the fake commercial for Amazon Go. The “ad” started with the narrator (voiced by Cecily Strong) explaining the concept of the store, which allows customers to grab whatever items they want without needing to checkout or visit a register. But the hilarious twist comes when several Black customers express their concern about this being a trap that will end up with them getting accused of stealing. Even as the narrator tries to assure them that they can leave without needing to pay, they remain suspicious, with Kenan even leaving a tip just in case.

Maid of Honor

One-joke sketches are tricky to pull off, as the joke can run out of steam quickly and drag on uncomfortably for several more minutes with mostly silence from the audience. But this Maid of Honor sketch was a great example of the one-joke premise working terrifically, with Kravitz playing a maid of honor who accidentally reveals increasingly terrible things about the bride, to the horror of the groom. It’s a simple concept that is executed perfectly, as Kravitz does a great job delivering stories about her friend storming the Capitol and bringing home “hundreds and hundreds of guys” before finally settling down with her husband.

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