July 5, 2022

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Child Development

The Genetic Science Behind Whose Eyes Your Kid Will Have

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Their looks are more than a parent mashup.

Preventing Pain

7 Neck Exercises To Prevent And Correct Tech Neck

ByMatt Schneiderman

Staring down at your devices all day royally screws up your neck and posture. Here's how to prevent a lifetime of soreness.


How To Raise A Kid With Critical Thinking Skills

ByLizzy Francis

Children take the world at face value. Parents need to help them understand what strangers want without frightening them.


New Dad Checklist: 15 Things To Do When Preparing For Fatherhood

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Many pre-baby tasks will be taken care of thanks to friends and family. But some tasks aren’t as apparent and require special thought.


How To Help A Kindergartner Overcome New School Anxiety

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Kids who are considered emotionally and socially unprepared for Kindergarten may just be feeling anxiety that can be soothed with some intentional practice.

Power Posing

The Way You Stand Really Can Impact Your Confidence

ByAshley Zlatopolsky

The proof is in the science: Power posing could actually boost your self-esteem.


The Best Gifts for 2-Year-Olds, According to Child Development Experts

ByDonna Freydkin

These toys will help them develop independence, be creative, and make sense of the world.


How To Tell If A Little Kid’s Odor Is Cause For Concern

ByAndy Kryza

Kids are naturally stinky, but there are some cases where an early funk might be a cause for parental concern.

Trans Kids

5 Myths About Gender-Affirming Care For Trans Kids, Debunked

ByGeorge Smith

What the science really says about this often life-saving care.


Why Is My Face Getting So Fat?

ByLauren Vinopal

Chubby cheeks aren't just for babies.


7 Protein-Packed Vegetables Your Kids (And You) Should Eat Every Day

ByKristi Pahr

Get your protein and your veggies all in one.

Protect Ya Neck

5 Neck Exercises Everyone Should Do To Build Strength And Prevent Pain

ByJoe Jackson

Have a weak neck? These exercises will work to strengthen your neck and relieve neck pain.

Swim Safety

What Olympic Swimmer Cullen Jones Wants Parents To Know About Water Safety

ByChristian Dashiell

After nearly drowning as a child, Cullen Jones is now on a mission to keep kids safe in the water.


10 Early Signs of Labor That Tell You the Baby Is Near

ByJulia Savacool

Your very pregnant wife is going to give birth any moment now. Here are the signs she's actively going into labor.

Relationship Trouble

Parenting In The Ruins: Should You Stay Together For The Kids?

ByPatrick A. Coleman

There are many considerations, and either way the path can be difficult.


What Am I Doing To My Kid When I Yell?

ByJonathan Stern

Short answer: You're setting yourself up for a lifetime of shouting matches.