Aug. 18, 2022

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Parents Who Raise Flexible, Adaptable Kids Do These 3 Things

ByChristian Dashiell

While kids become more open to change, parents learn patience.

Developmental Milestones

The Only 12-Month Milestones That Matter

ByPatrick A. Coleman

By a child’s first birthday, developmental milestones slow down drastically. But the ones they hit are big — and matter.

Child Development

Scientists Have Decoded Baby Talk — Turns Out They’re Bossing Parents Around

ByLauren Vinopal

When babies babble, they’re communicating exactly what they want. Even if they don't know it, parents are listening.


7 Ways To Motivate A Kid With ADHD To Do Homework And Chores

ByHaley Weiss

Start by meeting your kid where they are — and really listen to what they’re telling you.

Developmental Milestones

The Only 9-Month Milestones That Matter

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Developmental milestones appear to come a bit more slowly as a child reaches their first year, but they are no less important.


Science Suggests Parents Are Taking Parenting Too Far

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Parents who want to give their kids every advantage are spending more and more time and money on kids, but science is finding that it’s better to step back and find balance.

Developmental Milestones

The Only 6-Month Milestones That Matter

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Most parents overdo the whole milestone thing in the sixth month. Stop stressing out and focus on the two (just two!) developmental moments that really matter.

Playing It Safe

Is Baby Powder Safe To Use? It Depends On What’s In It.

ByLauren Vinopal

Despite divides in legal and scientific communities, it may be best for parents to switch to a safer alternative than talc-based baby powder.

Flu Vaccine

The 2022-2023 Flu Shot: What’s In It And Why?

ByTyler Santora

Everything you need to know about flu shot ingredients, varieties, and dosages.

Dad Bod

The 10 Biggest Workout Mistakes Men Make

ByJulia Savacool

If you’re putting in the time but failing to see the gains (or losses) you want, it's probably due to one of these common errors.

Tasty Treats

When Can Babies Eat Cheerios? A Pediatrician Explains

BySara Novak

Cheerios shouldn’t be among the first solid food your baby eats.

Developmental Milestones

The Only 5-Month Milestones That Matter

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Some 5-month milestones may come sooner than others. It’s important to consider the progress of your whole, complex little person, rather than focusing on specific milestones.

Beat The Stank

This Is Why Your Breath Stinks In The Morning, According To A Periodontist

BySofia Quaglia

And how to beat bad breath in the long term, because mints and gum are only temporary solutions.


The Best Gifts For 2-Year-Olds, According to Child Development Experts

ByDonna Freydkin

These toys will help them develop independence, be creative, and make sense of the world.

Wise Words

This Was The Best Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me

ByLizzy Francis

Sixteen men and women share the best words of wisdom their fathers passed on.

Sleep Safety

When Can A Baby Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?

ByPatrick A. Coleman

As a part of a bedtime ritual or elevated to a transitional object, a mellow, imaginative toy can help lead a kid to slumber.