Aug. 12, 2022

Alex Honnold, The World’s Boldest Climber, Just Became A Dad. Now What?

From awe-inspiring ropeless ascents to fatherhood, the ultimate risk taker is aiming for new heights. And not about to hold back.

by Drew Magary
Roger Kisby

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Hot Laughs

21 Ingenious Summer Jokes to Take On the Warm Weather

ByLilian Ogbuefi

Unlike oysters, we aren't shellfish with our puns


An Expert Breaks How To Get Rid Of Grey Hair

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The Best Father’s Day Jokes and Puns for 2022

ByAnna Tingley

All dads want the same thing for Father's Day — for you to laugh really hard at their bad jokes.

Little Stinkers

62 Delightfully Stinky Poop Jokes and Puns for Kids

ByAnna Tingley

Kids are obsessed with poop, that won't change. But you can help them elevate their poop joke game.

Streaming Wars

Disney+ Is Raising Its Subscription Prices By 38 Percent. Yes. Really.

ByIan Spelling

Here's what families need to know.

Oh Yeah

Macho Man Talks About When He Cries In This Wonderful Resurfaced Video

ByDevan McGuinness

Turns out Randy Savage was super in touch with his emotions.

Beat The Stank

This Is Why Your Breath Stinks In The Morning, According To A Periodontist

BySofia Quaglia

And how to beat bad breath in the long term, because mints and gum are only temporary solutions.


The Best Gifts For 2-Year-Olds, According to Child Development Experts

ByDonna Freydkin

These toys will help them develop independence, be creative, and make sense of the world.


The Best Razors For Sensitive Skin, According To A Barber

ByBryan Levandowski

These are the tools to help you achieve the best shave for your skin.

Inflation Report

Inflation Is Flattening And Gas Prices Are Under $4 — But Will It Last?

ByDevan McGuinness

Families have been buried in rising costs for months.

Wise Words

This Was The Best Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me

ByLizzy Francis

Sixteen men and women share the best words of wisdom their fathers passed on.

Sleep Safety

When Can A Baby Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?

ByPatrick A. Coleman

As a part of a bedtime ritual or elevated to a transitional object, a mellow, imaginative toy can help lead a kid to slumber.

Developmental Milestones

The Only 4-Month Milestones That Matter

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Most parents overdo the whole milestone thing in the fourth month. Stop stressing out and focus on the two (just two!) developmental moments that really matter.

Royal RSVP

6-Year-Old Wanted Prince George To Cameo At Her Birthday Party & George's Response Is Too Cute

ByDevan McGuinness

It’s not every day you get official royal mail for your birthday.

Flu Vaccine

The 2022-2023 Flu Shot: What’s In It And Why?

ByTyler Santora

Everything you need to know about flu shot ingredients, varieties, and dosages.


Serena Williams On Retiring: "I Never Wanted To Have To Choose Between Tennis And A Family"

ByDevan McGuinness

Serena Williams announced her retirement from the sport that became synonymous with her name, detailing her decision in a moving and vulnerable essay.