June 11, 2023

Jeffrey Wright Makes Every Role Count

ByCaseen Gaines


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Fatherly Icons
LeVar Burton Looks To The Next Generation

The storied actor and educator brings it all full circle in his latest role as an onscreen father to his real-life daughter.

All Of Legend
John Legend Has More Love To Give

With a newborn at home and an intimate new album out, Legend reflects on the family philosophy of letting fans in.

Safety First

How A 10-Year Old Girl Survived 24 Alone In the Cascade Mountains

ByDevan McGuinness

A 10-year-old girl was rescued after she got separated from her family during a walk in the Cascade mountains, and she's being hailed as resourceful.

Parenting Style

4 Myths About Free-Range Parents And The Kids They Raise

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Myth #3: Free-range kids are essentially neglected by their parents.

Cool Dads

Kwame Alexander On Raising Daughters, The Cruelty Of Childhood Memories, And The Power Of Family Meals

ByChristian Dashiell

The acclaimed poet, activist, author, and showrunner of “The Crossover” on Disney+ discusses his new memoir, the beauty of family recipes, and connecting with his daughters.

Dad Bod

This 20-Minute HIIT Workout For Men Hits Every Muscle Group

ByJulia Savacool

Take this to the gym with you next time for the best full-body, high-intensity sweat session you’ve ever had.


How I Finally Stopped Feeling Like A Bad Dad

ByJeremy Wilson

I used to feel stressed out about how much I was messing up, but then I realized that embracing it was parenting magic.


Am I A Bad Parent For Talking Trash About My Kids?

ByPatrick A. Coleman

It's okay to feel overwhelmed and sick of your kids, but maybe keep that in therapy.

Travel Light

Airport Security Is A Parent's Nightmare. That's About To Change

ByKristi Pahr

A small but mighty rule change to TSA’s pre-check could make your next trip to the airport way less stressful.

The Fatherly Turntable

37 Years Later, One Weird Rock Opera Album Made An Animated Sci-Fi Movie Into A Classic

ByRyan Britt

One movie still has the touch, thanks to the rock music that fueled it.

What's The Plan, Stan?

This Map Reveals The Most Popular Dad Joke In Each State

ByDevan McGuinness

Hi Hungry, I’m Dad.

Rethinking Medicine

A Doctor's Guide To Using Weed

ByLauren Vinopal

Whether for sleep, a severe condition like cancer, or just to feel a little joy, Dr. Benjamin Caplan thinks marijuana could be much better for health than you would think.


The 5:1 Ratio Is The Magic Formula For A Happy Marriage

ByJeremy Brown

Keep the ratio in mind and good things will come your way.


How To Stop Deflecting So Much During Arguments

ByJeremy Brown

It can be a hard habit to break. But if both partners are willing to address the behavior, there’s a path ahead.


What To Do When Your Autistic Child Gets Aggressive

ByChristian Dashiell

There’s no reasoning an autistic child out of an aggressive outburst. But there are other ways to handle it.

Volcano Watch

Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Eruption: Here's How To Watch

ByDevan McGuinness

Here’s how to stay safe while being enthralled by nature’s power.

Fatherly Icons

Jeffrey Wright Makes Every Role Count

ByCaseen Gaines

Whether he’s working with Wes Anderson, fighting crime with Batman, or offering counsel to his two grown children, Jeffrey Wright takes every job seriously. And he’s not done. Not by a long shot.

Catching ZZZ's

Get Your Child To Bed Quickly With Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Kids

ByTyler Santora

If you relax the body, you relax the mind, you get the kids to sleep.