July 7, 2022

Alex Honnold, The World’s Boldest Climber, Just Became A Dad. Now What?

From awe-inspiring ropeless ascents to fatherhood, the ultimate risk taker is aiming for new heights. And not about to hold back.

by Drew Magary
Roger Kisby

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Fitness Tech

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Punishment For Kids Who Don’t Respond To Punishment

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The Best Way To Safely Get Rid Of Mucus Or Baby Snot

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How Morning Sex Can Help With Male Fertility

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Why All Parents Should Think Twice Before Posting Photos Of Their Kids Online

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Substance Use

10% Of 9- And 10-Year-Olds Are Curious About Trying Alcohol And Tobacco

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Don’t wait until your kids are in middle school to discuss substance use.


7 Things You Can Do To Lessen The Sting of Higher Interest Rates

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The Whole Truth About Adaptogenic Mushrooms

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5 Scientific Reasons Why Women Love Fat Guys

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Why are larger men lusted after? Here's what science says.

Heart Health

Less Than 30% Of US Kids Score High In Heart Health, Study Says

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Heart health only gets worse as kids get older.

Watch Your Words

8 Things A Parent Should Never Say To Their Child

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Threatening the loss of love is an obvious no-no, but there are more subtle phrases just as damaging.


What The Loss Of A Child Does to Parents, Psychologically And Biologically

ByJoshua A. Krisch

Though parents mourning the death of a child experience classic psychological, biological, and social grief responses, there are unique challenges.


What Happens To Men Who Stay Bachelors Forever, According To Science

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Men who never marry or have kids might not be as lonely as they seem.


What’s Great About Having A Hairy Chest, According To Science

ByLauren Vinopal

Being a hairy man isn't so bad, research shows.

Dad Bod

HIIT For Beginners: 25 Moves To Incorporate In Your Next Workout 

ByTyghe Trimble

Want results this year? Resolve to do more high intensity interval training.