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Ranch Talk

Saddle Up! '1923' Season 2 Is Coming

ByIan Spelling

Will Harrison Ford be back?

Watch Together

These Are the Most Popular Kids’ Shows in America

ByChristian Dashiell and Ryan Britt

We don't make the rules.


I Lost My Mind At This Customer Who Was Rude To The Cashier For No Reason

ByMatt Christensen

"By then, people were starting to clamor around – I probably ended up as a video on YouTube somewhere."

007 and Chill

Where To Watch Every James Bond Movie Streaming Online Right Now

ByRyan Britt

James Bond is on the move! Here’s where to find 007 movies streaming online.

Watch Together

Watch the Best Fantasy Trilogy Of All Time With Your Family On Netflix ASAP

ByMatthew Kaplowitz

The one fantasy movie series to rule them all.

Old Friends

The Best Superhero Trilogy of the 21st Century Is Suddenly Streaming For Free

ByMatthew Kaplowitz

Let’s swing back to the early 2000s.

Up, Up and Away

New 2025 Superman Reboot Movie Sounds Like A Dream Come True

ByRyan Britt

Good news for families: The next Supe is going old school.

Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na

Holy Bat Dad! New Batman Movie Reboot Will Feature Robin As Bruce’s Son

ByRyan Britt

The Brave and the Bold will be a superhero family movie.

Modern Classics

15 Years Later, The Greatest Stop Motion Duo Will Finally Get A New Movie

ByNathan Rabin

Yes! Wallace and Gromit are back.


25 Funniest Dirty Jokes Hidden in Animated Kid’s Films

ByBlake Harper

The comprehensive list of the 25 best adult jokes hidden in your kid's favorite movies, from 'The Incredibles' to 'Frozen.'

The Fatherly Turntable

RIP Tom Verlaine: His 5 Essential Albums, From Television And Beyond

ByRyan Britt

The punk brilliance of Tom Verlaine goes deep. Here’s the essential records you need right now.

Old Friends

40 Years Ago, One Show Pulled The Most Iconic Car Stunt In TV History

ByRyan Britt

How one turbo boost changed Knight Rider.

The Fatherly Turntable

The Best-Selling Vinyl Records In 2022 Reveal A Very Surprising Trend

ByRyan Britt

What does Dad Rock have in common with Taylor Swift?

Mission Briefing

'GoldenEye' Is Finally On Switch and Xbox — But There’s A Catch

ByChris Lough

The N64 classic is back.

Cool Dads

Josh Duhamel Is Ready To Do It All Again

ByMickey Rapkin

The actor, who recently turned 50, talks marriage to Audra Mari and going bachelor mode at the lake house with son Axl.

Watch Together

Where To Stream The 5 Oscar Nominations For Best 2023 Animated Movie (Plus 5 Movies They Forgot)

ByRyan Britt

Here’s your guide to watching the greatest animated movies of last year.