July 5, 2022


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Disturbing ‘Minions’ Teen Trend Banned From Movie Theaters

ByDevan McGuinness

Gru stans are flocking to the theater to show their support while wearing suits — but not everyone is playing nice.

The Toolman Cometh

Tim Allen Got Real About Lightspeed And It's Kinda Brutal

ByDevan McGuinness

Lightyear is a prequel to the Toy Story movies but it’s not like a traditional prequel, and that's what Tim Allen is trying to explain.

Drop the Hammer

'Thor: Love & Thunder' Is Marvel's Biggest “Dads Rock” Movie Ever

ByJames Grebey

Some Marvel movies have rocked better than 'Love & Thunder.' But none have rocked harder.


Kids Eat Free — 20 Restaurants That Give Parents Get a Break

ByEmily Kelleher

Every little bit helps.


22 Harmless April Fools’ Day Jokes and Pranks You Can Play on Your Kids

ByGeorge Lopercio

These are creative, fun and best of all...won't do any permanent damage.

Brain Teasers

The 102 Best Riddles for Kids That Aren’t Too Confusing


Riddles aren't just for Batman villains or weirdos. All kids love riddles. Here are a bunch that are perfect for kids, but hard enough to still be fun.


WTF? Disney's Star Wars Cruise, Now Serving $5,000 Cocktail

ByDevan McGuinness

You read that right.

Witchy Nostalgia

'Hocus Pocus 2' Trailer Fixes Everything Wrong With The Original

ByDevan McGuinness

Bringing back the funny witches minus the creepy, awkward sexual energy.


9 Swimming Pool Games That Are Way Better Than ‘Sharks and Minnows’

ByAlexis Barad-Cutler

They’re certain to make a big splash.

The Cruelest Season

18 Reasons Why Summer Sucks for Parents

ByRyan Britt

Summer was so much fun! And then you had a kid.


Grilled Pizza is the Best Pizza

ByMatt Berical

It's one of the season's most overlooked pleasures. Here's how to do it right.


139 Corny Jokes to Tell to Kids You Love

ByAlicia Kort

Remember: Dad jokes are funny as long as you think they are.

Dad Jokes

105 Prime Math Jokes For Parents, Teachers And Kids

ByGeorge Lopercio

When it comes to math jokes, your kids can count on you.

Clap Happy

11 Best Hand Clapping Games for Kids (With Video and Lyrics)

ByRebecca Jane Stokes

Do you know the lyrics to "Pat-a-Cake"? Are you sure?


47 Harry Potter Spells Everyone Should Know

ByBlake Harper

That owl is going to show up any day now.


What Is the Male Version of a Karen?

ByMatt Berical

His name is Ken. Or Terry. Or Greg. And he might be you.