Aug. 15, 2022


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Hot Laughs

21 Ingenious Summer Jokes to Take On the Warm Weather

ByLilian Ogbuefi

Unlike oysters, we aren't shellfish with our puns


The Best Father’s Day Jokes and Puns for 2022

ByAnna Tingley

All dads want the same thing for Father's Day — for you to laugh really hard at their bad jokes.

Little Stinkers

62 Delightfully Stinky Poop Jokes and Puns for Kids

ByAnna Tingley

Kids are obsessed with poop, that won't change. But you can help them elevate their poop joke game.

Streaming Wars

Disney+ Is Raising Its Subscription Prices By 38 Percent. Yes. Really.

ByIan Spelling

Here's what families need to know.

Oh Yeah

Macho Man Talks About When He Cries In This Wonderful Resurfaced Video

ByDevan McGuinness

Turns out Randy Savage was super in touch with his emotions.

Keepy Uppy

The 9 Weirdest and Best Viral Bluey Fan Theories, Ranked

ByDevan McGuinness

The show is a big puzzle that parents love to try and solve. 🔍

Keepy Uppy

'Bluey' Is The Perfect Kids’ Show That Is Also Driving Parents Nuts

ByChris Chafin

Everyone loves Bluey. And yet, trying to be like Bluey’s dad will end in madness.


139 Corny Jokes to Tell to Kids You Love

ByAlicia Kort

Remember: Dad jokes are funny as long as you think they are.


83 Truly Funny Jokes for Work That Don’t Cross Any Lines

ByEmily Kelleher

No long, awkward pauses after these punchlines.

Brain Teasers

85 Tricky Riddles For Kids — With Answers

ByAnna Tingley

The joyful pain of an impossible riddle.

future mathletes

34 Hard Math Riddles (With Answers) For Future Geniuses

ByAnna Tingley

Stump the mathletes of the family with these extra-tricky math riddles and puzzles.

Brain Teasers

The 102 Best Riddles for Kids That Aren’t Too Confusing


Riddles aren't just for Batman villains or weirdos. All kids love riddles. Here are a bunch that are perfect for kids, but hard enough to still be fun.


The 125 Funniest Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids


Knock knock? Who's there? The best joke format for kids ever.


Fascinating Trivia Questions for Kids and Adults

ByLilian Ogbuefi

Who knew hummingbirds could fly backward?

007 and Chil

The Best James Bond Movie Ever Is Finally On Netflix

ByRyan Britt

Nobody does it better than Bond, but Bond never did it better than this instant classic.

Dad Jokes

110 Funny Jokes for Kids (And Adults Who Like Dumb Jokes)


An arsenal of knee-slappers to keep the kids giggling.