May 27, 2022


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The Force

'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Has the Best Star Wars Parents Ever

ByRyan Britt

The new Disney+ show features something Star Wars never has: good parents.

Oh Bother

WTF? Slasher Horror Winnie-the-Pooh Movie Is Very Real

ByDevan McGuinness

Nobody wanted this.

Old Friends

The 25 Best 1997 Movies That Somehow Aren't 'Titanic'

ByJames Grebey and Ryan Britt

The best year for movies, ever?

Get It?

The Greatest Joke in the New 'Chip ‘N Dale' Movie Isn’t About the Chipmunks

ByJames Grebey

Andy Samberg and John Mulaney made a big comeback in Chip ‘N Dale on Disney+. But the best joke isn’t about them at all.

On Your Left

Disney World Announces Its First Big Avengers Ride

ByDevan McGuinness

Disney Parks announced a ride based on Marvel’s Avengers but there's a catch

Danger Zone

The Pain and Glory of 'Top Gun' Nostalgia

ByRyan Britt

Maverick is back. But he also never left.

Deeper Magic

The Best Harry Potter Alternatives For Kids Who Love Fantasy

ByRyan Britt

Go beyond Hogwarts without the need for Narnia.

Brain Teasers

85 Tricky Riddles For Kids — With Answers

ByAnna Tingley

The joyful pain of an impossible riddle.

Hello There

Ewan McGregor’s Star Wars Fandom Joke About His Son Is Perfect

ByDevan McGuinness

This is priceless.


How To Get Your Kids (And Yourself) Comfortable With Risky Play

ByChristian Dashiell

Risky play helps kids develop resilience, self-confidence, independence, executive functioning, and risk-management skills. 

Old Friends

40 Years Ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger Made an Action Movie Classic that Changed Everything

ByIan Spelling

Here's why 'Conan' holds up.

Kids' Shows

CoComelon Cody Time Spinoff: Release Date and Where to Watch

ByDevan McGuinness

It's Cody's time to shine.


Selena Gomez Killed It Hosting ‘SNL’. Here are the 5 Best Sketches

ByRyan Britt

Maybe Barney wasn't so bad.


Disney+ Is Going to Make Your Life Worse With Ads Very Soon

ByDevan McGuinness

Streaming platforms are looking to traditional TV models to make more money.


As If! How Alicia Silverstone Taught Her Son to Be a Good Listener

ByIan Spelling

Plus, why she loves Kevin Smith!


RIP iPod! Here’s Some Great iPod Alternatives for People Who Care About Music

ByDevan McGuinness

Goodbye, iPod. It’s the end of an era.