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Mental Health

This Is Why Postpartum Depression In Men Is So Underreported

BySara Novak

1 in 10 new dads has postpartum depression, but there’s no accepted diagnosis.

Good to Know

What I’m Glad I Knew About Myself Before I Became a Dad, According to 12 Men

ByMatt Christensen

“I threw out all of the toxicity and ego society places on men, and decided to be an honest, loving father that my family could be proud of.”


Alex Honnold, The World's Boldest Climber, Just Became a Dad. Now What?

ByDrew Magary

From awe-inspiring ropeless ascents to fatherhood, the ultimate risk taker is aiming for new heights. And not about to hold back.


How To Get Your Kids (And Yourself) Comfortable With Risky Play

ByChristian Dashiell

Risky play helps kids develop resilience, self-confidence, independence, executive functioning, and risk-management skills. 


9 Life Lessons Your Kids Can Learn From Having A Dog

ByBDG Studios

Having a dog can help them grow up to be kind, happy, and healthy people.


3 Simple Rules To Raise Kind Kids

ByChristian Dashiell

It's all about the small things.


3 Big Mistakes Parents Of Autistic Kids Make — And How To Avoid Them

ByRachel Crowell

Hint: Don't try and make them "less autistic."


Compassionate Children Come From Parents Who Do These 8 Things

ByLizzy Francis

In general, parents need to take the long view.


How to Raise a Strong Kid (But Not a Selfish Bully)

ByLizzy Francis

No one wants to raise a pushover. Most people don't want to raise bullies, either.


Kids Need These 5 Skills to Face an Uncertain Future

BySara Novak

The world you’re living in is not the one your children will face as adults.


The Best Gifts for 2-Year-Olds, According to Child Development Experts

ByDonna Freydkin

These toys will help them develop independence, be creative, and make sense of the world.


5 Ableist Words a Parent Should Never, Ever Say in Front of Their Kid

ByJulia Métraux

These phrases hurt the disability community.


What Is Scaffold Parenting, and Should I Do It?

ByChristian Dashiell

Only if you’re willing to grow alongside your child.


Beware Parentification: The Many Dangers of Leaning on Your Child For Emotional Support

ByVirginia Pelley

Children are naturally empathetic, so it’s easy for parents to cross the line unintentionally into “parentification”: placing children in situations where they feel more like parents than children. This needs to be avoided at all costs.


What It Was Like to Be Raised by African Royalty

ByAs Told To Fatherly

“When I would hustle, steal, sell drugs, my mom would say, ‘You need to remember who you are. You’re a prince. A part of the Yoruba tribe. You need to live up to your name.’ ”


The Vygotsky Theory and What it Means for Parents

ByChristian Dashiell

Vygotsky's theory of cognitive development has some helpful applications for parents looking to use everyday moment to help kids thrive.