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A Divorce Lawyer’s Advice For Co-Parenting During The Holidays

ByMarilyn Chinitz

If you keep these points in mind, your chances of a satisfying holiday for all parties will be much higher.


Why Good Men Are Bad To Their Families

ByVirginia Pelley

This is a story about bears.


How To Get Baby Poop Out Of Carpet, Clothes, And Furniture

ByMatthew Utley

A pragmatic, if cringeworthy, guide to cleaning up the worst kind of kid-conceived mess.


Yes, You Need To Prioritize Your Marriage Over Your Kids

ByVirginia Pelley

But what does this actually look like in practice, and how do you set boundaries without hurting your children?

Baby Names

161 Historical Baby Names Inspired By Activists And Artists

ByEmily Kelleher

Inspired by history's coolest, kindest, most courageous figures, these names give your kid big shoes to fill.

Call Me Ishmael

10 Literary Baby Names Inspired By Great Books

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Call them Ishmael. No, really.


The Biological Reason Dads And Moms Treat Their Parental Roles Differently

ByPatrick A. Coleman

It's not just in your mind.

Wise Words

23 Motivational Quotes Help Kids Push Through Challenges

ByAnna Tingley

Making your kid's life easier is nowhere near as important as teaching them how to stay motivated when things get hard.


How Often Your Toddler Will Get Sick In Day Care — And How To Fight It

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Teach germs a lesson.


Why Dads Gain Pregnancy Sympathy Weight And How To Prevent It

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Put down the gross craving sandwich and do some prenatal yoga.

Winter Holidays

How To Toddler-Proof A Christmas Tree

ByMatthew Utley

One thing you're allowed to be neurotic about this season: low-hanging ornaments.


How To Handle A Violent Child, According To A Psychologist

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Children usually aren’t violent because they’re angry.


How To Prepare Kids For A Pending Divorce

ByPatrick A. Coleman

It’s important for parents in an irreparable marriage to reinforce the idea that living apart does not mean the family is broken.

Potty Training

How To Teach A Boy To Pee Standing Up (Without the Mess)

ByPatrick A. Coleman

A lot of potty training is the same between boys and girls, but boys have to learn to aim. Indoors, that’s messy — outdoors, it’s great fun.


The Age When Children Are Most Traumatized By A Divorce

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Babies and teens may be able to weather a divorce, but elementary school children need special care when the family breaks down.

Baby's Health

When Can Parents Stop Worrying About SIDS?

ByAndy Kryza

Newly mobile infants are particularly prone to SIDS, but by the time they approach a year, parents can breathe easier.