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Your Guide To Not Missing Out On Your Kid’s Childhood

ByLauren Vinopal

How to tell if you're in the here and now — and more importantly, how to get there when you're not.


How To Navigate The Adderall Shortage If Your Kid Has ADHD

ByRachel Crowell

What to do if you can’t find a pharmacy that has your child’s ADHD medication in stock.


What To Do If You Accidentally Run A Disposable Diaper Through The Washing Machine

ByDave Baldwin

Well, sh*t.


14 Signs Of Grooming For Abuse — And What Parents Can Do About It

ByLizzy Francis

Grooming, a process in which an adult befriends a child to lower their defenses is all too common. Here’s what to look out for.

Looking Back

What I Wish I Did With My Kids More Often When They Were Little

ByMatt Christensen

The thing about time is that one it’s gone, it’s gone for good.


How To Raise A Kid Who Feels Truly, Completely Safe

ByChristian Dashiell

Kids who feel like there’s no safety net spend their mental energy being hypervigilant instead of learning and growing.

Parenting Styles

Jellyfish Parenting Isn’t Just A Silly Name

ByChristian Dashiell

The tiger parent backlash has swung the pendulum from the jungle to the deep sea. It’s not for the best.


How Incarceration Is Passed Down From Father To Son

BySofia Quaglia

Mass incarceration of African American men has led to 1.1 million being imprisoned in the U.S. — 500,000 of them are fathers.


How To Give Your Kid Allowance Like A Child Psychologist

ByJoshua A. Krisch

Can allowance actually teach fiscal responsibility?

Ask The Goodfather

I Don’t Spank My Kids, But I Do Grab Them Sometimes. Does It Matter?

ByPatrick A. Coleman

A dad wonders if he crossed the line with his discipline habits.


Why Danish Parents Are So Much Happier Than The Rest Of Us

ByAndy Hinds

Why is Denmark ranked as the happiest place on Earth? Look to the kids.


How To Safely Throw A Baby In The Air And Catch Them

ByMatthew Utley

Strong body mechanics can make throwing a child in the air easy and keep the kid safe.

Speak No Evil

9 Words Parents Should Never Call Their Kids

ByPatrick A. Coleman

The rhyme says “words will never hurt me,” but when said to children, these could cause damage.

Game Off

7 Dads On Watching Their Kids Suck At Sports

ByMatt Christensen

"He spent the entire time with his arms and hands inside of his goalie jersey like he was in a straitjacket."


How To Teach A Child To Understand ‘Bad Words’

ByMatthew Utley

Not every bad word is a swear, and what is considered a bad word can vary from family to family.


9 Things Parents Can Do To Make Divorce Easier On Kids

ByAshley Abramson

It’s all about recognizing the parts of the process that cause a child stress and minimizing them as much as you can.