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Parents Who Raise Charitable Kids Do These 6 Things

ByAlison Zeidman

Kids get a lot of gifts. It’s important they learn to like giving them too — especially charitable donations and the gift of their time.


We Stayed Together for the Kids. It Works for Us.

ByLizzy Francis

Melanie and Warren are separated but still live together and co-parent their kids. It’s been several years, and the arrangement still works for them.


How ‘Dad Reflexes’ Prime Fathers To Keep Their Kids Safe

ByLauren Vinopal

Dad reflexes are more than a hashtag. They're an adrenaline-driven response from the sympathetic nervous system.


Thanksgiving Is Here For Hard Talks And Revolutionary Thinking

ByPatrick A. Coleman

This year, lean in to the tension.

Fatherly Advice

What Can I Do About My Drunk, Racist Brother-In-Law On Thanksgiving?

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Fatherly's resident parenting expert talks about keeping peace with Thanksgiving racists and picky eaters so everyone can enjoy.


Take Your Child On A One-Hour Adventure Every Day

ByJoshua A. Krisch

My toddler and I terrorize local shops for an hour every day after work.


9 Ways To Make Divorce Easier On Kids

ByAshley Abramson

It’s all about recognizing the parts of the process that cause a child stress and minimizing them as much as you can.


How To Side-Step Co-Parenting Drama And Have a Happier Divorced Holiday

ByJeremy Brown

When you and your ex are splitting the duties during the holidays, things can get messy. Here are some tips to try and keep everything as merry as possible.


Make Your Kid Feel Special Even Though They’re Born on a Holiday

ByLauren Vinopal

Holiday babies have been dealt a rough hand when it comes to celebrating, but moms and dads can help.


How To Teach A Kid To Say Thank You

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Parents who want a kid to say thank you and mean it, need to say it themselves and mean it.


How To Deal With Ungrateful Kids During The Holidays

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Parents who don’t want to hear whining over gifts should do some preparation as the holidays approach.

Family Time

5 Scientifically Backed Benefits To Grandmas And Grandpas

ByLauren Vinopal

The research-backed benefits of grandparents go beyond the mediocre candy in their pockets.

Kids' Health

How To Convince A Sick Kid To Eat

ByMatthew Utley

Kids will eat when they feel like it. Hydration is the real goal.


How To Make Your Toddler An Expert At The Spoon And Fork

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Things are about to get pretty forking sloppy.


What It Truly Takes To Teach Kids Gratitude

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Gratitude is a powerful tool for kids and families looking to build bonds. But it’s difficult to teach unless it’s a value deeply ingrained into your daily life.


4 Ways Parents Can Raise Funny Kids With A Sense Of Humor

ByChristian Dashiell

Funny kids aren’t born; they’re raised. Parents have two options how: Give their kids trauma, or use these techniques to instill in them a healthy sense of humor.