March 29, 2023

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All Of Legend

John Legend Has More Love To Give

With a newborn at home and an intimate new album out, Legend reflects on the family philosophy of letting fans in.

Cool Dads

Josh Duhamel Is Ready To Do It All Again

The actor, who recently turned 50, talks marriage to Audra Mari and going bachelor mode at the lake house with son Axl.

by Mickey Rapkin
The Fatherly Turntable

30 Years Ago, This Band’s Forgotten Debut Album Created A ’90s Phenomenon

ByRyan Britt

The beginning of Britpop started with Suede.

Cardio Time

Have High Blood Pressure? Hit The Gym. Seriously.

ByKristi Pahr

Yet one more very good reason to exercise.


What Helps A Co-Parenting Relationship Thrive

ByJulie Nguyen

New to co-parenting? Here’s what to keep in mind about creating a working relationship with your ex that benefits everyone involved.

Trans Kids

5 Myths About Gender-Affirming Care For Trans Kids, Debunked

ByGeorge Smith

Myth #3: Kids are pressured into being trans and medically transitioning.

Dad Duties

Chris Pratt's New Favorite Show Is On A Very Small Screen

ByDevan McGuinness

Chris Pratt joked that his favorite TV show has changed since his second daughter, Eloise Christina, was born ten months ago.


Why Some Men Don’t Feel Sexually Attracted To Their Pregnant Wife

ByCarrie Weisman

A loss of attraction during pregnancy isn’t rare. Many factors are involved, from the biological to the psychological.

Trans Kids

Five Myths About Puberty Blockers For Trans Kids, Debunked

ByGreg Small

This common treatment isn’t controversial among medical professionals.


55 Small, Nice Ways To Be A Better Husband


It's the little things that matter.

What's In A Name?

Grimes Just Renamed Her Daughter — And Her Name Is As Unique As You’d Expect

ByDevan McGuinness

Here’s “Y.”


6 Freezer Door Cocktails To Whip Up For Your Next Party (Or Whenever You Need A Drink)

ByStinson Carter

Mix. Freeze. Pour. These build-in-a bottle cocktails are your new secret weapon.

Product Recall

Mockingbird Single Stroller Recalled Due To Fall Hazard

ByDevan McGuinness

Mockingbird, a baby gear brand, has extended a previous recall by adding 25,000 strollers.


The Best Sex Positions For People Getting A Little Older

ByCarrie Weisman

We all grow older. As that happens, we need to adjust a few things.

Fame Game

Daniel Radcliffe’s About To Become A Dad — And Knows Just What To Avoid

ByDevan McGuinness

Pater familias!

Binge Watch

10 Childbirth Videos That Offer An Uncensored Look At Delivering A Baby

ByEmily Kelleher

With so many fears around the unknown, watching childbirth videos can help parents visualize and prepare for the big day.


All 15 Banned Or Censored 'Bluey' Episodes — And Why They Were Booted

ByMatthew Kaplowitz

Bluey is the most beloved show on the planet. But you can’t see all the original versions in the U.S.


Is Smoking Weed Really Bad For Sperm? Here’s What The Science Says.

ByLauren Vinopal

A growing body of evidence suggests that marijuana seriously impacts sperm health. Here’s what would-be dads need to know.