Fatherly's Guide to Father's Day

Father's Day has long been a time to celebrate and reflect on changing roles of fatherhood. Here's how to celebrate Father's Day 2023.

What does it mean to be a dad in the 21st century? It means keeping kids safe and helping to shepherd them on to a happy, healthy independence; being both reliable and ridiculous, because sometimes ridiculousness is what’s needed. Dads are more involved than ever in the nitty-gritty of parenting — but they’re also finding new ways to express their authentic, curious selves while still going all-in on raising great kids.

Father’s Day is the celebration of a feeling, passed back and forth between kid and dad until, if all goes well, the former delivers the latter a heartfelt eulogy many decades into the future. It’s a celebration of men who know themselves, who find the good and leverage it toward raising someone who strives to do better still. In other words, it’s a celebration of love. Happy Father’s Day to each and every dad out there playing their role, passing on the love.

Enjoy it because the day will come when kids move out and they only call when they want something. ... enjoy these days where they need us and want us around. And, we should make sure to be present for them.

Craig Melvin

Fatherhood [is an] incurable disease of the heart, which I never really wanted, because I knew what would happen. You became my pivot foot. Permanently. Everything moves around you.

Mike Sager

You are their parent. You have had a unique experience with someone that will never be like you. You're not just a friend with them. You're their dad."

Channing Tatum

Here’s to the dads who have messed up and missed out. The ones who let fear lead them for too long. The ones who let pride take them too far away. Here’s to those dads, the ones hurting; the ones who have hurt.

Justin Baldoni