Tale As Old As Time

22 Years Later, One Hidden Gem At Disneyland Is Suddenly Closing

There’s still time to visit!

The Beast's Library
Inside the Magic / YouTube

Many changes have come to Disneyland and Walt Disney World Parks over the past few years, and another one has just been announced. The park has made plans to close one of its decades-old hidden gems — Disneyland has announced its plans to permanently close Beast's Library, an attraction at Disney's California Adventure Park.

The library, part of the Sorcerer's Workshop in Hollywood Land, allowed guests to explore the secret library of the Beauty and the Beast character, per Deadline. If you've never heard of Beast's Library, you're not the only one. It's not one of the park's most popular attractions, but it's been touted as a beloved "hidden gem," according to Inside the Magic. And when they say hidden gem, they mean it — you won't find Beast's Library on any official Disney map, making it an insider’s attraction that has a cult following.

Disney's website, explains the fun attraction as "a chamber modeled after the Beast's secret library from Beauty and the Beast and interact with an enchanted book to discover which Disney character your personality most resembles."

Despite it not being on any map, the popular Reddit community r/Disneyland had several discussions after the closure was announced where people shared their strong feelings about the Beast's Library coming to an end.

"Sad, it was a fun little secret spot," Reddit user u/CletusTSJY shared in a thread posted on November 14 announcing the change coming to the hidden gem attraction.

"This is my favorite spot in all of DCA. I'm devastated," u/SweetCatastrophex shared.

u/JobsEye hopes Disney thinks about their decision before going ahead, writing: "Another day, another absolute garbage decision. Hopefully, they get enough negative feedback on this that they change their mind."

u/raging_phoenix_eyes, who shared: "Are you effin' kidding me!?!! That whole area is my favorite part of DCA! Good place to get a moment of peace and quiet. How sad!"

And u/sidal714, who added, "This is so gross, and I'm usually the person that can look past weird Disney decisions like this."

If this hidden gem — which first opened in 2001 — is so beloved, why is it being removed? And what will take its place? The immersive library full of magic from The Beauty and the Beast will be taken over by Disney’s Imagination Campus, a new learning center that aims to teach students how to use their imagination to solve challenges.

“Through our unique curriculum and learning environment, we are committed to fostering creative thinking, fearless exploration, and, of course, Disney magic,” the campus website explains. “It is our mission to provide students with the tools they need to express themselves creatively and academically and to prepare them for real-world challenges.”

The change is coming quickly, too, with Deadline reporting the final day that guests can experience Beast’s Library will be Dec. 10. So if you’re heading to Disneyland before then, make sure you find the hidden experience — before it’s gone for good.