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The 3 Funniest SNL Sketches From Adam Driver's Latest Episode

From weird dad catchphrases to horrible old friends, here are the best bits from Driver's Return to SNL.

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SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Adam Driver, Olivia Rodrigo" Episode 1851 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Sherman, ...
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Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live for a fourth time, and this time, he didn’t even need a Star Wars gag to be hilarious. Joined by musical guest Olivia Rodrigo, and a surprise appearance from Julia Stiles, Driver brought his considerable acting chops to some very absurd and brilliantly uncomfortable sketches.

From skewering the way dads talk when they need someone to get out of their way, to the dreaded reconnection with scary friends on Facebook, Driver’s newest SNL outing was delightful, understated, and refreshingly dark. Here are the three best Driver-centric sketches from the SNL that dropped on December 9, 2023, plus a bonus sketch we didn’t see coming, and didn’t know we needed.

3. Old Friends

For some aging millennials or young Gen-Xers, Facebook is something we did like 10 years ago, and rarely do now. Is Facebook just full of all your old friends you’ve lost touch with? Yes, probably. Are most of them straight-up nuts? Also yes. This great sketch would be sad if it wasn’t so true.

2. Airplane Baby

If tiny babies could form words, they’d all sound like Adam Driver in this sketch. Rationally, the way we talk about babies, and the games we play with babies are bonkers. This sketch drives home just how scary babies are, and how it’s a very good thing that they can’t speak.

1. Beep Beep

Weird little catchphrases are part and parcel of being a dad and/or husband who makes things in the house. But do these catchphrases like “beep beep, coming through,” connote hidden darkness? Naturally, the answer is...beep beep, and if you don’t get out of my way, I’ll drive my little car right up your ass like Miss Frizzle.

Bonus: Save the Last Dance

There’s no nostalgia quite like very early 2000s nostalgia, including the existence of absurd movies like Save the Last Dance. When celebrity impression impresario Chloe Fineman crashes Weekend Update, she gets a surprise visit from everyone’s favorite early aughts celebrity, Julia Stiles. If this doesn’t make you want to rewatch Save the Last Dance AND 10 Things I Hate About You, we don’t know what will.

Saturday Night Live streams on Peacock. The December 16, 2023 episode will be hosted by former SNL cast member (and “weird Barbie”) Kate McKinnon with musical guest Billie Eilish.

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