Ryan Britt

Ryan Britt is the senior entertainment editor at Fatherly and a contributing writer for Inverse. He writes about TV, film, and books, with emphases on science fiction, Star Trek, Dune, Star Wars, James Bond, ‘80s pop culture, ‘90s music, kids’ media, and more.

He is also the author of three non-fiction books: "Luke Skywalker Can’t Read and Other Geeky Truths," (2015), “Phasers On Stun! How the Making and Remaking of Star Trek Changed the World” (2022), and the forthcoming book “The Spice Must Flow: The Journey of Dune,” (Fall 2023); all from Plume/Dutton Books (Penguin Random House.) His other writing has been published with the New York Times, Esquire, Den of Geek, SyFy Wire, VICE, StarTrek.com and elsewhere.

Ryan is represented by the Fischer-Harbage Literary Agency and lives in Portland, Maine with his wife and daughter.

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