November 30, 2022

Patrick Dempsey Breaks The Spell

McDreamy, Prince Charming, Mr, Right. Onscreen, Patrick Dempsey epitomizes the charmed leading man. But off? He’s but a dad, husband, and man, warts and all (metaphorically speaking).

ByAlex French

Nov. 2022

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Razzle! Dazzle!!

These Holiday Lights In An Underground Cave Park Are So Cool

ByDevan McGuinness

If driving around to look at the pretty holiday light displays is something you and the kids love to do, or you’re hoping to start, we have a fun tip.


What Happened When I Lost My Son on the Mountain

ByDoug Schnitzspahn

On a family ski trip, I lost track of my 10-year-old son. It forced me to trust that what I had spent years teaching him had stuck.


How To Safely Use A Baby Swing Or Baby Bouncer

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Inappropriate usage of baby swings and bouncers is widespread. Here's how to make sure your child isn't injured in an otherwise excellent accessory.


How To Support Someone Who Is Struggling With Burnout

ByVirginia Pelley

This is how to be there for them — and yourself.

Grief and Loss

The Death Of A Parent Affects Even Grown Children Psychologically And Physically

ByJoshua A. Krisch

Grief is both real and measurable. Scientists now know that losing a parent changes us forever.


10 Weird Facts About The Human Body That You (Probably) Didn’t Know

ByLauren Vinopal and Tyler Santora

Impress your curious kids with these very strange facts about our bodies.

Play Time

How To Get Your Kids (And Yourself) Comfortable With Risky Play

ByChristian Dashiell

Risky play helps kids develop resilience, self-confidence, independence, executive functioning, and risk-management skills. 

Corporal Punishment

Spanking Is Physical Abuse, Study Shows

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Researcher says that drawing the line between spanking and physical abuse is "theoretically impossible."

Using Your Words

Want To Raise A High-Achieving Kid? Talk To Your Toddler Like This

ByMelaina Juntti

The way you talk to toddlers can determine how well they do in school.

Date Night

35 Years Ago, The Biggest Blockbuster Shocked Everyone

ByIan Spelling

The biggest movie of 1987 was a huge surprise.

Keepy Uppy

‘Bluey’ Is the Brilliant ‘Seinfeld’ of Modern Kids’ TV Shows

ByAndy Kryza

What's the deal with Bluey? Well, the show has some solid parenting hacks for starters.

Work-Life Balance

UK 4 Day Work Week: 100 Companies Make Permanent Shift

ByKristi Pahr

The shift to the 4 day work week is part of a global trend reorienting our relationship to work, and to the rest of our lives.


5 Dangerous Myths About Spoiled Children, Debunked

ByPatrick A. Coleman

Raising a monster takes hard work. Giving your child love, affection, and even material objects is unlikely to spoil them.


7 Inspiring Kevin Costner Quotes About Fatherhood


The Yellowstone actor and father of seven has some wise words about being a dad

Recall Notice

Sippy Cup Recall: 10,000 Green Sprouts Stainless Steel Bottles Have Lead

ByDevan McGuinness

Green Sprouts, a baby product company, has voluntarily recalled over 10,000 of its popular sippy cups and stainless-steel bottle for kids.

Child development

5 Weird Facts About Babies That Freak Out New Parents

ByLauren Vinopal

They might cry without tears and have extra bones, but you love your baby anyway.