Feb. 3, 2023

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Fatherly Favorites

Look good, feel great.

Cool Dads

Josh Duhamel Is Ready To Do It All Again

The actor, who recently turned 50, talks marriage to Audra Mari and going bachelor mode at the lake house with son Axl.

by Mickey Rapkin

Patrick Dempsey Breaks The Spell

McDreamy, Prince Charming, Mr. Right. Onscreen, Patrick Dempsey epitomizes the charmed leading man. But off? He’s just a dad, husband, and man who’s trying to figure it all out.

Show Your Kids!

Dozens And Dozens Of Stunning Galaxies Crowd One Astounding Photo

ByDevan McGuinness

NASA released a new photo taken from the JWST showing a truly stunning image of multiple galaxies, including a spiral galaxy where you can see the swirls.


Does An Epidural Hurt? And 7 Other Things You Should Know About Epidurals

ByJulia Savacool

Hotly debated and frequently misrepresented, here are just the facts about epidurals.

Dad Bod

The Ultimate Guide To Proper Squat Form

ByJulia Savacool

The centerpiece of nearly every strength-training plan, this move is easy to do — but harder to do right.


How To Respond When Someone Gives You The Silent Treatment

ByBrittany Risher

This is what to do when someone ices you out — and how to prevent the treatment in the future.

Help Me Out

Survey Reveal 4 Supports Parents Desperately Want From Their Workplace

ByKristi Pahr

What do you need from your workplace?

Be Prepared

Jason Kelce's Wife Is Bringing A Super Unusual Guest To The Super Bowl LVII

ByDevan McGuinness

Jason Kelce will be playing in the Super Bowl LVII while his wife, Kylie Kelce, cheers him on from the stands, but she’s not going without her support person.

Show Your Kids!

How To Catch February's Full “Snow Moon” ASAP

ByDevan McGuinness

If you and the kids love looking at the Full Moon each month, here’s what you need to know about February’s moon.

Low T

Just How Much Testosterone Do Men Really Need? New Study Sparks A Fiery Debate

BySofia Quaglia

Some doctors question a new proposed age-based cutoff for low T. Not everyone is on board.

Looking Back

The Behavior I Wish I Modeled For My Kids Sooner

ByMatt Christensen

You’re your kids’ best example. There’s no better time to start showing them why.

Child Development

Why Do Newborns Hiccup A Lot? For Brain Development. Seriously. 

ByMelaina Juntti

Baby hiccups might seem like a strange quirk or muscle development, but they're so very much more than that.

Show Your Kids!

Scientists Think They Know Origins Of That Mysterious Blue Spiral In Hawaii's Sky

ByDevan McGuinness

People in Hawaii had an incredible sight in the night sky that was equal parts beautiful and eerie.


This Is The Year Of The Samba

ByAlex French

The basic, lowly — and perfect — Adidas Samba is set to make a major comeback. Get yours.

Sweat It Out

New Study Links Weightlifting With Longevity, Lower Risk Of Death

ByKristi Pahr

A new study finds the key to longevity isn’t just hitting the treadmill.

007 and Chill

Where To Watch Every James Bond Movie Streaming Online Right Now

ByRyan Britt

James Bond is on the move! Here’s where to find 007 movies streaming online.

Catching Zzz's

How To Get To Sleep When You Can’t: 7 Tips For Powering Down Your Brain

ByMatt Berical

In the moment, it can feel impossible to lull your body to sleep. But it is possible. Here's how to make it happen.

Little Things

54 Small, Nice Things To Do for Yourself

ByFatherly Editors

In order to be there for your family, you have to be there for yourself