Paid Traffic Sources

IR Media Venture Corp (Fatherly) is a participant and “Certified Against Fraud” in the Trustworthy Accountability Group (“TAG”) Certified Against Fraud Program, a voluntary registry that identifies trusted members of the digital advertising industry. Fatherly is committed to promoting transparency and fighting fraud in the digital advertising industry. As part of that ongoing commitment, Fatherly discloses certain information regarding the use of what TAG defines as “Paid Traffic Sources” (provided below) by Fatherly. This includes, at minimum, the overall percentage of “Visits” (as defined by TAG and provided below) in the most recent calendar quarter that were from Paid Traffic Sources, as defined by TAG.

% of Paid Traffic:

2018 Q1: 40.79%

2018 Q2: 40.32%

2018 Q3: 31.76%

2018 Q4: 23.17%