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Help Your Family Breathe Easier And Live Healthier With This Smart Air Quality Tracker

As you might recall from those weeks you spent preparing your home for baby’s arrival, the average American home is loaded with more chemicals than a Los Pollos Hermanos delivery truck. Even after all that cleaning, one thing remains constantly present: air. Which is good — you kinda need that. The problem is, you never quite know what’s in that air, or how that stuff negatively impacts health and the quality of your family’s life. Enter Awair, a smart device that informs you of air quality effects and helps you track and mitigate them.

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awair air quality

Awair looks like a plain white speaker framed in walnut, so it unassumingly blends in with your home décor as it tracks 5 key data points: temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, and dust. The air quality of a given room is given a 0-100 Awair Score, which displays along with bar graphs and color-coded dots. Fewer dots mean healthier air, and the color code follows that of a traffic light. Green is good, yellow is fair, and red is, as Heisenberg might say, “We should all be wearing gas masks.”

All that data is also represented in the connected app, through which you specify what you’d most like to improve: allergies, sleep, productivity, wellness, beauty, or pregnancy. Especially useful for little things like helping your kid, pregnant partner, or self sleep through the night or avoid asthma and the flu. As Awair tracks each room’s air quality, it makes recommendations to help optimize your chosen behavior, and can even integrate with other smart devices like humidifiers when applicable. The Awair app also integrates tips, solutions, and healthcare information from the Mayo Clinic and Awair blog. It’s like having a genius chemist in your house without them stashing any money under it.

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