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Date Night

35 Years Ago, The Biggest Blockbuster Shocked Everyone

The biggest movie of 1987 was a huge surprise.

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38 Years Ago, Jim Henson Made The Fraggle Rock Christmas Episode Timeless

With Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock rocking Apple TV, we caught up with Dave Goelz, a veteran Fraggle, for a trip down memory lane.

Old Friends

30 Years Ago, 'Seinfeld' Dropped Its Most Famous Episode, Ever

We all remember this one. But let's stop to consider why "The Contest" holds up.

Fatherly Turntable

7 Best Neil Young Songs To Celebrate His 77th Birthday Rocking The Free World

Happy Birthday to a legend!

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The 100 Greatest Kids Movies Of All Time According to Movie Critic Dads

From golden oldies to 21st-century instant classics, here’s our deeply curated, and surely controversial, ultimate ranking of 100 movies kids must see before they hit their 10th birthday.

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Original Karate Kid Ralph Macchio Says “The Miyagi-verse” Could Be The Next MCU

38 years after the original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio is still waxing on.


6 Scary AF Horror Movies Like Gremlins That Are Shockingly Rated PG

Movies rated PG are fine for kids. Right? MAYBE NOT.

Here's Johnny

The 4 Types of Parents You’ll Find In All Horror Movies

Are you the dad from Pet Sematary? Are you Jack Nicholson? Let's get into it.

Birthday Dads

10 Perfect Ted Lasso Quotes To Celebrate Jason Sudeikis' 47th Birthday

Sudeikis is more than Ted Lasso. But the wit and wisdom of his greatest creation are still what the world needs right now. To celebrate Jason Sudeikis turning 47, here are ten perfect Lasso-isms.

Ranch Talk

'Yellowstone' Season 5 Trailer Seems To Tease One Shocking Death

“All will be revealed.” But what does that mean?

Kids Shows

All The Kids Shows HBO Max Has Deleted — And What It Means

HBO Max has burned down a lot of family programming. Here’s what’s next.

Cool Dads

Patton Oswalt Doesn’t Care What You Think

The outspoken comedian says he picks projects based on what makes him happy. And that includes creepy dads and the voice of a Raven in ‘The Sandman.’

Streaming Wars

Disney+ Is Raising Its Subscription Prices By 38 Percent. Yes. Really.

Here's what families need to know.

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Kevin Hart And The Rock On Being Super-Pets And The Best New DC Hero

Best-bros Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are very good boys in DC League of Super-Pets.

Cool Parents

John Cho And His Defining Role As "Dad"

One of the hardest working men in show business says the word “father” is the one way he’d define his entire life.

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30 Years Later, 'Batman Returns' Is Actually a Better Movie Than 'Batman'

In 1992, this 'Batman' movie spoiled us with delightful weirdness.

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40 Years Later, 'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial' Remains Perfect For One Surprising Reason

We'll (still) be right here.

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This 'Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile' Trailer Is So F**king Good

No crocodile tears here! This looks legit.

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'Jerry & Marge Go Large' Is the Feel-Good 'Breaking Bad'

We didn't know we needed this.

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Exclusive: New Disney 'Spidey' Special Spins a Father's Day Web

This Father’s Day, Miles Morales is bringing his dad along for the adventure.