Ian Spelling

Ian Spelling is a veteran entertainment journalist and editor who has covered the film and television industries for more than 35 years, dating back to college. He’s written for New York Times Syndicate, The Bergen Record, Below the Line News, TV Guide, On DirecTV, The A.V. Club, Fatherly.com, and many more newspapers, magazines, and websites, and served as the editor-in-chief of StarTrek.com, the official Star Trek site, from 2010 to 2019.

Ian also co-authored the acclaimed book, Star Trek: The Original Series -- A Celebration (Hero Collector/Penguin Random House), and has moderated panels in front of as many as 6,000 fans at events including Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek conventions, the Star Trek Cruise, and the Destination Star Trek celebrations in Germany and England. Now an empty nester, with his son and daughter out on their own, Ian lives in New Jersey with his wife, Linda, and the world's best dog, Oreo.

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