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1923 Season 1 Finale Didn’t Answer The Biggest Yellowstone Family Question — But There Are Some Clues

Confused about the Dutton family tree? Here’s what we learned and what it might mean.

1923 Season 1 finale

Season one is done. 1923 slammed the barn door shut with its breathlessly awaited finale, “Nothing Left to Lose.” Fans will debate Episode 8 for a long time, at least until season two rolls around. It was an important episode, with a lot happening, but it also left several story threads unresolved and did NOT answer arguably the biggest Yellowstone question of all, though some fans believe the answer is now at least implied. Maybe. Let’s break down the events and the semi-revelations. Warning: Massive spoilers ahead

Timothy Dalton goes to war

1923 didn’t bring in a big gun like Timothy Dalton for nothing. His ruthless, ambitious, and very, very kinky industrialist Don Whitfield stoked the tensions between Jacob Dutton and Banner Creighton. Now it’s an all-out war, with the range and its minerals at stake. But the bullets aren’t flying just yet. As Dutton’s men and Whitfield —Creighton’s crew pointed guns at each other, Cara intervened, bringing everyone to their senses for the moment. Whitfield then revealed that he paid Dutton’s taxes and warned that if Dutton doesn’t pay him back by the upcoming due date, he gets Dutton’s land. Brilliant move by Whitfield and no additional blood has been shed. For now.

Timothy Dalton as Donald Whitfield in the 1923 Season 1 finale.


Teonna Is Still on the Run

Teonna has long sought calm in her life, and for a brief moment, she enjoyed some, having reconnected with her father, dodged the brutal marshals and priests, and spent time with Pete. But, those marshals and the priests from the Catholic School for Native Americans are still hot on her trail. In fact, they’ve correctly guessed where she’s heading and plan to arrive there before she does, which they very well can swing by catching a train rather than riding horses, like Teonna. Does an ambush await? Tune in next season!

Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra.


Spencer and Alexandra Don’t Make It Home Yet

Cara, having read the tea leaves, reached out to Spencer in Africa, imploring him to return home and help the family. Spencer and Alexandra spent a huge chunk of the season trying to reach Bozeman, encountering all sorts of roadblocks and detours on the way. Everyone assumed this storyline would end with them arriving in Montana and perhaps even saving the day in “Nothing Left to Lose.” Nope. Didn’t happen. On their ship, the RMS Majestic, they encountered Alexandra’s extremely jealous ex-fiancé, which led to a duel and said fiancé’s accidental death; he flopped over a railing and into the ocean after charging at Spencer with a gun. Spencer ended up removed from the ship, while Alexandra reluctantly remained aboard. They exchanged shouted “I love you’s” and Alexandra promised to find Spencer in Bozeman. Oh, and it’s hinted that Alexandra is pregnant, which ties to…

Elizabeth and Jack Lost Their Baby

Elizabeth and Jack sadly lost their baby. A heavily pregnant Elizabeth suffered a miscarriage while taking a bath, but the doctor stopped the bleeding and saved Elizabeth’s life. Later, she pondered her worth if she couldn’t have children, and Jack did his best to comfort her. Can she still have children? Might they adopt? It remains to be seen.

The 1923 Dutton Family Tree Mystery

This means, that the big question remains unanswered. The Dutton Family tree remains a mystery with the conclusion of 1923’s first season. Fans hoped they might learn the identity of the grandfather of John Dutton, the Yellowstone patriarch played by Kevin Costner. Elizabeth and Jack might still conceive or raise a child, and it seems that Alexandra and Spencer might be with a child, but who knows for sure? Jack or Spencer might inherit the ranch from Jacob and Cara. Oh, and what if Jack’s name is really… John?

As for now, if you’re looking to 1923 to answer the question of John Dutton’s full ancestry, you’ll have to wait for Season 2.

The 1923 Season 1 finale.


1923 Season 2 Release Date

As of this writing, there is not yet a release date for 1923 Season 2. But, 2024 makes the most sense.

1923 Season 1 is streaming on Paramount+.