Dec. 10, 2023

In Todd Snyder We Trust

ByAlex French

The Style Issue

Sept. 2022

Todd Snyder wearing a new york yankees hat standing next to a rack full of belts and shelves of shoe...

The New Rules Of Style

Take a look out there at the men at the office, walking down the street, going out on the town. What do you see? Uniformity? Sameness? A semblance of rules for men’s clothes? Nah. Today, there are no rules. What you’ll find is men who get dressed and men who dress well. The difference lies in the details — a bit of consideration here, a bit of self-knowledge there. As the great menswear designer Todd Snyder tells us in our exclusive interview, it’s time for men’s brands to “tear down the barriers and make it easier for guys to dress better.” We aim to do that with loads of advice, cool places to shop, and inspiring sneakers, watches, and outfits from the top minds in men’s fashion. So come on in, check out the good looks — and try to match them while you’re at it.