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9 Men’s Short-Sleeve Button-Downs To Wear Now

From casual to dress up, plain to patterned, here are some of our favorites.

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A man wearing a white Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

Let’s not make this too complicated: You need a few good short-sleeve button-downs in your rotation. Warmer weather necessitates cooler attire but you still need to look put together. Good thing there are so many worthy options in a variety of materials (including breezy seersucker and classic cotton) and patterns (from subtle to surfs up). Whatever your style, know that the best men’s short-sleeve button-downs are comfortable, breathable, and able to be dressed up or down for pretty much any occasion.

Now, fit is everything when it comes to a short-sleeve button-down. You’re most likely going to wear the shirt untucked. So, make sure the tail and hem hit just below your beltline. You want it to feel fitted but not tight. When you try on a shirt, test out the fit by sitting down. When you take a seat, does the shirt cling to you too much, or is it as comfortable as it was when you were standing? Can you move your arms without the buttons feeling constrained? Lastly, pay attention to the sleeves. They should hit just about mid-bicep and be neither too loose nor too tight.

If you want to add a few more to your rotation, here, from plain to patterned, are nine great men’s short-sleeve shirts to wear.

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