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The Year’s Best New Mechanical Watches

These watches are instant classics.

Propilot X Calibre 400 mechanical what besides other best mechanical watches of 2022.

There’s something about a watch with a mechanical movement inside. Sure, a battery or solar-powered quartz watch will be more accurate. And a mechanical watch requires maintenance and a deep clean and lubrication every few years. But if you’re looking for a watch to hand down to your kids, you want to give them a tool that is a work of craftsmanship and style. You go to a mechanical watch.

The main difference between a mechanical watch and the rest revolves around its Mainspring, which powers the watch. Self-winding (or automatic) watches take care of winding the spring for you. They tend to be a tad heavier and thicker than manual watches to account for the rotor inside that uses the movement of your wrist to wind the spring automatically. Manual-wind watches are generally lighter and thinner, but they ask that you remember to wind it — usually once or twice a day.

How to choose? Shopping for a mechanical watch takes time and inspiration. It must feel right for you — something you wear daily and something that will outlive you, on your kid’s wrist, and maybe your grandkids. Here are ten new mechanical watches that could be your daily companion, help you start a watch collection, or, most importantly, spark some joy.