Dripped In Denim

The 9 Best Denim Jackets For Men to Wear This Spring

The menswear staple has never looked better. Here are some of our favorites.

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A man wearing a denim jacket

Why has the denim jacket been a menswear staple since the days of gold-hunting prospectors and other folks trudging their way across our continent? Easy. It’s tough. Versatile. Classically American. Cool. The denim jacket, much like the barn coat, has evolved alongside America, remaining a trusted staple across many decades. Whether worn by ranch workers, rock stars, or regular guys on the street, it’s undeniably iconic. The best denim jackets today continue that tradition. They maintain the easy-to-throw-on-over-everything appeal, but they also have modern styling and features that make them even more versatile. While the denim jacket always has a place in your wardrobe, spring is the ideal time to wear one. The warm-ish weather makes it the ideal layer when you’re finally able to make your post-winter debut sans parka. Here, then, from trucker jackets and work coats to streamlined throwbacks and more modern takes in black denim and faded denim, are some of our favorites.

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