Workouts for Men That Work For Men

All dads have bods. Some dads have dad bods. Some dads feel bad about their bods. Some dads feel like duds. But there’s no reason to feel like a fraud just because your are flawed. Just do a tad better and the dad bod becomes — if not a rad bod — better than a sad bod… a powerful, all-caps, bold-as-can-be DAD BOD.

But how? With exercises and workouts for men that speak to a busy man’s needs. This means:

  • Lots of core exercises because that’s the backbone of full-body strength.
  • Lots of at-home bodyweight workouts because who has time for a gym, or space for a weight room at home?
  • A HIIT focus, meaning short, intense bursts of exercise which have been shown to be more effective at gains. Also, they take less time — so there’s that.
  • Targeted strength training (like pull-ups and dumbbell trap moves) because if you live on cardio, planks, and push-ups, you will have no definition.
  • And of course, ample stretching and recovery because when you neglect that you neglect everything else.

Will doing these exercises get you a six-pack? If you’re willing to work for it, sure. But in reality, probably not. That’s not the point. When a dad gets in shape, his first goal should be functional: To keep up with the kids and do all the fun physical stuff you could ever want. As for looking good in a swimsuit? Getting chiseled pecs? Winning a race? Let’s just say, at least these exercises will make you look less like a fridge.