Tyghe Trimble

Tyghe Trimble is the Editor-in-Chief of Fatherly, the leading digital media brand for dads. Tyghe oversees Fatherly’s editorial team with the aim to create content that empowers readers to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives. Prior to Fatherly, Tyghe was the digital director of Men’s Journal, where he launched their website and grew the digital footprint of this storied magazine. Before that, he was the lead digital editor of Popular Mechanics, the 119-year-old Hearst publication. Prior to that, Tyghe was the news editor for Discover where he began a life-long passion for science, health, and environmental journalism.

Dad Bod

HIIT For Beginners: 25 Moves To Incorporate In Your Next Workout 

Want results this year? Resolve to do more high-intensity interval training.

Fit After 40

Finding My Forever Fitness

Personal bests and competition are motivational — when you’re kid-free and fit. At a certain point, it’s time to give up the fighting spirit. What then?


How To Be More Resilient

A Navy SEAL psychologist and a family psychology expert share the secret to becoming a more resilient person.

Men's Health

The Curious Cases Of Men Who Get Pregnancy Symptoms

Some men feel their partner’s pregnancy more than others — and they might be better dads for it. 

Baby ZZZ's

14 Infant Sleep Hacks To Get You Through the Night

Who needs sleep? New parents, that's who. Sometimes, though, you need a little assist to get there.


The World Cup’s Greatest Lesson: It’s OK For Men To Cry

Defeat is sorrow. Victory is joy. Either way, let the tears flow, man.

Great Reads

The Greatest Picture Books Of All Time, According To Parents, Authors And Illustrators

ByJoshua David Stein, Nadia Aguiar, Ryan Britt, Tyghe Trimble, Julia Holmes, Adam Rubin, Oge Mora, Jason Chin and Ron Barrett

Bedtime reading just got better.

Masculinity In Action

The World’s Most Masculine Men on Raising Better Boys

How race car drivers, hunters, Arctic explorers, and bull riders model masculinity for their children.

Silver Surfer

Just For Men Grey Reducing Shampoo: An Effective Yet Subtle Solution To Grey

This shampoo really fades the grey away.

Black Friday Deal

It’s Time To Get A Pro-Level Massage Gun — For $200 Off

Level up your fitness with this deal on the best massage gun on the market.

Forging New Traditions

Where Did You Get That Awesome Food Tradition?

All homemade dishes have a story. Some go deeper then others.

Dad Bod

5 Ridiculously Tough Workouts You Can Do At Home

You don't need a gym to get seriously fit. These workouts prove it.


What’s the Best Gift For the Man Who’s Hard to Shop For? Sometimes, Nothing.

My father is impossibly hard to shop for. Now, a dad myself, I am too. And I understand why.

Watch Together

'Disenchanted' Is A Edge-Of-Seat Horror Movie For Parents, A Joyful Romp For Kids

Disney doubles down on its subversive fairy tale movie, in a sequel that is totally for everyone.

Cool Dads

‘Queer Eye’ Legend Karamo Brown On The Power Of Brutal Honesty

Karamo Brown helps dads get real with their kids — and everyone else.

Sweet Sweater

How To Get That Patrick Dempsey Sweater

It’s a cozy work of art, and yes you can get it too.

Dad Bod

The Best Cycling Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Biking your way to greater fitness doesn’t have to stop for the winter.

Watch Together

The 100 Greatest Kids Movies Of All Time According to Movie Critic Dads

From golden oldies to 21st-century instant classics, here’s our deeply curated, and surely controversial, ultimate ranking of 100 movies kids must see before they hit their 10th birthday.

Dad Bod

36 Cardio Exercises That Will Whip You Into Shape

These lung-searing, heart-beating cardio moves will get you in shape fast.


Insta-Fun! Activities For Kids, No Planning Required

Looking for an activity for kids that doesn't require a day of prep and hours of oversight? Look no further, Insta-Fun is here!