Matt Berical

Matt Berical is the Deputy Editor of Fatherly, where he oversees the Life section, Newsletters, and Special Projects. He has 16 years of editorial experience in both print and online publications and was previously a staff editor at Men's Journal, a Senior Editor at Maxim, and a founding editor of Van Winkle's. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.

The Dad Special

What An Iron Chef Prepares His Son For Breakfast

Chef Marc Forgione makes mornings fun for his 3-year-old with this healthy, playful recipe.


Grilled Pizza is the Best Pizza

It's one of the season's most overlooked pleasures. Here's how to do it right.


What Is the Male Version of a Karen?

His name is Ken. Or Terry. Or Greg. And he might be you.

Cool Dads

Channing Tatum Gets Real About Fatherhood

The actor talks about being a dad, his children’s book series Sparkella, and his greatest collaboration yet.

The Dad Special

You'll Want to Eat This Grilled Tomato Sandwich All Summer Long

Pitmaster Pat Martin’s take on the classic summer sandwich is all about the little things.

Meal Time

Open Fire and Outdoor Grill Recipes for the Whole Family

These recipes prove that with a little preparation, you can have a spectacular meal anywhere.

Hard Lessons

How To Save Your Marriage From Yourself

A relationship coach offers lessons from his failed marriage to prevent others from following a similar path.

Dad Special

Chef Donald Counts’ Simple Meatball Recipe Will Make Grandmothers Proud

A good Italian meatball is a magical thing. Here, Chef Donald Counts of City Winery, shares his trick for making them right.

Dad Special

This Savory, Simple Japanese Chawanmushi Recipe Is Perfect for Kids

Courtesy of Chef Jeffrey Tam, the popular savory custard is nourishing, easy to prepare, and endlessly adaptable.


Could Updating Your Idea of Monogamy Help Your Marriage?

Talking about your shared definition of monogamy, per Dr. Tammy Nelson, can lead to new levels of intimacy and excitement.


A Dating App For Single Parents Is Finally Here

It's about damn time.

Dad Special

This Butter Chicken Mac and Cheese Recipe Will Be Your New Craving

Chef Gaurav Anand's spin on the classic dish is a satisfying kid- and adult-approved comfort food.


Scott Conant’s Crispy Chicken Cutlet With Melted Tomatoes Will Make Your Week

This meal makes regular appearances at the chef and Chopped Judge's dinner table. It's easy to see why.


38 Small, Nice Ways to Help Your Partner Feel Desired

Prioritizing the little things is a key way to stoke desire — and have great sex.


Why Every Couple Should Examine Their “Sex Script”

Renowned therapist and author Dr. Ian Kerner explains why understanding your script is so important to a healthy and happy sex life.


Award-Winning Chef Ron Hsu’s Shrimp and Pork Potstickers Are Worth the Effort

Chef Hsu grew up in his parents' Chinese restaurants helping his mom make these dumplings. Now, he continues the tradition with his three-year-old daughter.


The Idea of Living Life with “No Regrets” Is Ridiculous and Unhealthy

Regret is a complicated but essential emotion. To have some regrets? Human. To ignore them? Dumb.


Is Penis Size Correlated With Nose Size? A New Study Says So. 

What does it matter anyway?


How a Professional Chef Prepares Tuna For His Family

Chef Brian Lewis makes his family this classic recipe, which conjures memories of his own father bringing home fresh fish from coastal Carolina.


Your Brain Needs a Better Soundtrack. Here’s How to Turn it On.

Overthinking is a trap many of us get caught in. In his new book "Soundtracks," Jon Acuff explains how to escape — and think more positively.