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Upgrade Your Home Health Kit With A Digital Stethoscope And Thermometer

A sick kid produces two things in troubling amounts: snot and anxiety. Fortunately, a quick trip to usually alleviates … neither of those things. But CliniCloud ($109 for pre-order; ships in July) might. A new home medical kit that syncs with your phone, it provides some of the basic information your pediatrician gathers using new school versions of the same instruments: an infrared thermometer and a digital stethoscope. The former takes accurate readings without any skin contact and the latter records HD audio without any cord or earpiece. So, you can check your kid’s fever without waking them if they’ve finally fallen asleep, and you can play that gurgling sound for a doctor who can tell you if it’s just apple sauce that went down the wrong tube or pneumonia — and you never have to leave the house.

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That’s because CliniCloud works with Doctors On Demand to provide expert analysis of the data it collects. And since the accompanying smartphone app stores that data, you can give your kid’s pediatrician an archive of information to assess when they go in for a check-up. Basically, it turns you into Bones and your home into the Starship Enterprise — which is probably how you already thought of it, anyway.

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