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For Real Life! These Are The 21 Best Bluey Gifts

There's no wrong way to play with Bluey, and here's our guide to some of our favorites

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The Fatherly Guide to Bluey
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It’s not easy being one of the most popular kids shows on television, but Bluey makes it look so easy. As its third season is preparing to come to a close, Blueymania is hotter than ever. Chances are, Bluey is on your kid's Holiday Wishlist this year, but it can be a chore finding these items and deciphering which ones are actually worth the money. Fatherly has been combing through the internet to seek out and test Bluey products far and wide, assembling this gift guide that’s not only great for the holidays, but ideal for any time of the year.

From books to figures, stuffed toys, and games, there’s a Bluey gift for every kind of need that doesn’t require breaking the bank. The best thing I discovered while working on this guide is that while most of these items are intended for a preschool age or slightly older, adult fans can certainly get a lot of mileage with them too. But, for those looking for items for their Bluey-obsessed kids, we’ve got you covered.

Bluey action figures

There’s no shortage of Bluey action figures from Moose Toys (unless you walk into a Target or Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve), and the hardest part about buying them is not having a surplus of the same character. This year, there are a bunch of new characters and playsets in different sizes and price points that are ideal for growing the toybox of a kid or collector.

Bluey’s Ultimate Mega Set can be found in Costco stores for a great price

Moose Toys/ Costco

The hottest Bluey toy this year has been Costco’s exclusive Bluey Ultimate Mega Set. This sprawling set includes 14 figures and toys that were previously released separate from each other like Bluey’s house with new items like her pool, but is now packaged together into one unbelievably affordable box that will give kids exactly what they need to start a massive Bluey toy collection.

This item is currently out of stock on their website, but if you’re a Costco member or know someone who is, you may have a chance of finding one in a brick-and-mortar location. We wouldn’t recommend running to eBay to grab this set, as it’s now become an obscenely overpriced item on the secondary market (for example, it’s available on Amazon but for much more than it should cost). Instead, just get the parts you need through the other sets and pray your kids never find out this huge set exists.

Bluey Family Home Playset

Bluey has two options when it comes to a toy version of her house. There’s a classic home playset, which is also available on Amazon with an exclusive version that includes a BBQ playset, or an upgraded iteration with lights and sounds. Worth noting, the Ultimate Lights & Sounds version does include Bluey, Bingo, and Nana figures, but not Chilli and Bandit (who do come in the Amazon bundle while only Bluey comes with the regular house). None of the Heelers are hard to find in other sets, but be aware of which characters you’ll need to make your kids happy before making a purchase.

Hammerbarn Playset

New for 2023, Hammerbarn is the big Bluey centerpiece to find for the holidays. This playset stands at nearly two feet tall with four levels and shares its name from the store seen from an episode in Bluey’s second season. Filled with light-up features and over 45 sounds, playset-exclusive versions of Bluey and Bingo (and gnome husband Gerald) can ride a working elevator or the shopping cart return lift, while enjoying a sticker sheet with episode-specific Easter Eggs (as well as a pile of Dollarbucks)!

The Hammerbarn playset is the most expensive Bluey toy item of the holidays this year, but considering the size and what it comes with, it’s a solid deal. While you can find this item among most retailers, Amazon has an exclusive version that includes a figure of Sparky from season three’s “Tradies” and his truck.

Beach Cabin Playset

There are plenty of smaller playsets and vehicles to pick up this holiday season, as well. The beach has been a popular addition to the Bluey figure line this year, with the focus being the Beach Cabin playset. This medium-sized set includes an exclusive Bluey figure in her swimming gear, a pool you can fill with water, a convertible bedroom section, and 10 additional accessories. Complete the family by scooping up this figure four-pack of the Heelers dressed in their swim gear with removable goggles.

Bluey is far too young to have a driver’s license, but that doesn’t stop her from using her imagination to own one in “Escape.” This year, Moose Toys released a few playsets of some of the things seen in that second-season episode, including her red convertible.

Bluey Red Convertible

Once more, Amazon has an exclusive version you won’t find on Target shelves, which features four exclusive figures (including Jerry Lee the Butler) plus stickers & accessories seen in that specific episode. Not to be left out, Bingo has her getaway helicopter from this episode as well.

Additional characters are available in single and multi-packs, which range in price and quantity of characters per set. The “Bluey Story Starter” single-figure packs are becoming easier to find in physical stores like Five Below, Kroger’s Supermarkets, and the usual suspects like Target and Wal-Mart, but finding a specific character can be a challenge. I admittedly paid more than I wanted for Mackenzie, but at least none of the items are outrageously priced. Inevitably, be prepared to end up with a few dozen versions of Bluey on your way to acquiring the rest of the cast.

Bluey Mini Plushes

Made by the same company behind the action figures, The Bluey mini plush line is extremely diverse. These soft toys range from 6-8” tall, and include characters from the immediate family, along with Bluey and Bingo’s pals like Rusty and Lila. They even have Chattermax and Bob Bilby (who is actually a hand puppet that can fit on a few child-sized fingers)!

While kids love these, I’ve seen plenty of adult Bluey fans making formidable collections of these too. They’re inexpensive and a nice small size that makes it easy to pick and choose your favorites or try to complete the entire expansive series.

Squishmallows Bluey Hugmees

Squishmallows are one of the most popular plush toys on the market, and rightfully so. They are among the softest stuffies you’ll ever touch, and are adorable to boot. Besides their line of various animals and inanimate objects, Squishmallows also feature characters from Disney, CoCoMelon, Pokemon, Peanuts, and now Bluey has joined the Squish Squad!

As part of their Hugmees line, these 10” tall plushies feature arms meant to offer warm hugs to whoever holds them. Bluey is available online and in stores like Target and Walmart, but Squishmallows are a hot line and tend not to last long on physical or digital shelves. Bingo was just released in November to join her big sister with Muffin rumored to be not far behind, so may the odds be in your favor as you track them all down.

Chattermax Bluey Talking Plush

If your child prefers their plush toys to be more interactive, there are several talking plush toys available this season. One of the items that has been more commonly found in stores than other products has been the Talking Plushes, which include all four members of the Heeler family and Chattermax. The kids stand twelve inches tall, while the parents are two inches higher, and all include multiple sounds from the show, like nine phrases unique to each character and the Bluey theme song.

The one talking toy that differs from the rest in this line is Chattermax. What separates this critter from the other plushies is that Chattermax can record and playback sounds, a feature none of the other toys have. It’s very cool, but purchase that squawking Furby wannabe at your own peril.

Also available are beach versions of Bluey and Bingo, complete with swimming outfits and phrases said during “The Beach” episode.

Bluey: The Videogame

One of the most anticipated video games for families this year was Bluey: The Videogame, and we think it lived up to the hype. A preschool-aged game for up to four players, Fatherly has an extensive review of the game which we found well worth our time. It’s the best way to start a young child onto the path of video games, and a genuinely pleasant experience to play together as a family (there’s also a chance to win a one-of-a-kind Bluey Xbox happening right now, too). Featuring five episodic levels and the ability to freely roam these spaces after completing each one, this interactive sandbox game will bring you laughs and wonderful memories while playing together with your own kids.

There is also a Bluey mobile game available on smartphones and tablets, but that app does not have the Fatherly seal of approval. The game was decent in small doses, but the so-called “free-to-play” game is nothing more than a front to make parents pay a monthly subscription to unlock nearly 90% of the characters and levels hidden behind a paywall. With the console game, you get what you pay for immediately with hours of actual gameplay that the whole family can experience.

Vtech Bluey Toys

Vtech is one of the most trusted names in educational electronics for children, and their Bluey items are on par with everything under their umbrella.

The Vtech Shake It Bluey is an interactive Bluey toy with multiple play modes to develop motor skills and improve concentration and memory. Imagine the Bop It toy from your childhood, but combined with the soothing instructions of Bluey instead of the high-pressure game demanding you to “twist it.” There’s also a free-play dance mode to let your kids groove to their own beat, with a light-up tummy great for playing Tickle Crabs with!

For kids who enjoy their storytime to be interactive, Bluey’s Book of Games is a charming interactive book that allows readers to explore Bluey’s home. Featuring voices from the show and follow-along modes to keep your young ones turning the pages, the stories teach kids to play games from the show, or they can jam out with some authentic Bluey tunes. Complete with a chunky handle perfect for little hands, this electronic book can be a bit noisy but it’s no Chattermax.

Bluey Keepy Uppy Game

If you grew up playing “Loopin’ Louie,” you’ll instantly recognize this game. Updated to feature one of Bluey’s most popular games from the show, the Keepy Uppy” board game features a motorized balloon that spins and flips according to how players whack it. Keep the balloon in the air, or lose a token if it touches your hedge. Three hits and you’re out! It’s unpredictable and wildly fun, no matter what age you may be. This one gets a big recommendation from us, especially because adults can genuinely enjoy it as much as the little ones!

Wackadoo Dice Game

This is a fun game that keeps everyone on their feet – literally! The Bluey Wackadoo Dice Game keeps players on their feet, emphasizing exercise and imagination over moving game pieces around a board.

Players takes turns rolling a pair of dice, one featuring a character or animal, and the other showing an action. Whatever the dice roll onto, the player must act out what it would like for this character to perform that action. Imagine a pelican dancing, or an octopus doing The Floss! With 36 unique combinations, this dice game is perfect for taking to the beach or park for a new outdoor activity that keeps everyone moving.

Bluey 5-in-1 Card Game Set

This versatile deck of cards is a clever way to maximize your gaming experience, while also keeping the clutter down. 53 jumbo-sized cards with Bluey characters are used for five different games, including Go Fish, Old Maid, and Memory. Besides being a wonderful way to start teaching children about card games, it’s an affordable game that can be played anywhere with multiple players.

Another card game worth checking out is Bluey Charades, which features 60 cards featuring elements seen on episodes of Bluey that players can act out and try to guess what they are.

Bluey has also dipped her feet into classic board games, including a Bluey version of Monopoly Junior and Trouble.

Where’s Bluey? A Search-and-Find Book

If you loved Where’s Waldo as a kid, it’s time to pass that joy on to the next generation with Bluey’s version of this classic. Where’s Bluey? is intended for very young readers, with pages of familiar landscapes from the Australian show scattered with hidden objects and characters to seek.

Waldo books were notorious for being more difficult and detailed with every passing page, but Where’s Bluey? Is a perfect entry-level title for someone who’s never experienced a book like it before. Great illustrations, and filled with references to the show everyone will love, Where’s Bluey? Is one of my top picks for a Bluey book this season.

Bluey and Bingo’s Fancy Restaurant Cookbook

As a collector of cookbooks, especially geeky ones, Bluey and Bingo’s Fancy Restaurant Cookbook is an excellent and amusing guide to Australian cookery. This bite-sized book features 13 tasty recipes that parents or grandparents can make with the children in their lives. A dry-erase market is part of the book, which lets you and your sous chef check off boxes of items and steps to keep track of every action required to fully complete a recipe.

The snacks and dishes included are all very accessible for young hands or even novice adults, with highlights like Bingo’s omelet (minus excessive shells), fish and chips, spring rolls, and Pavlova (hold the edamame)! For the most daring and boldest chefs, yes - there is even a recipe for Duck Cake. Just one warning – your kids will be quickly addicted to Fairy Bread, and so will you!

Bluey Sleepytime Book

For those looking for storybooks, Penguin Young Readers has you covered, with many choices including stories from several episodes like Camping, The Beach, and the beloved Emmy Award-winning Sleepytime.

There are also a handful of Bluey Sticker Books and activity books available, including one specifically themed for the holidays. If your child loves to color or draw, Crayola has a stellar coloring book, that uses their mess-free Color Wonder pages to keep the markers on the paper and not anywhere else.

Bluey DVDs

We’ve talked about this DVD set in the past, namely as one of the best ways to legally watch Bluey without a Disney+ subscription. What makes it so great is that it continues the first two seasons of the show in their original formats, complete and uncut. Yes, that includes the episode banned in the US, “Dad Baby!” There’s other special features including shorts, and as long as you have a DVD or Blu-Ray player, you can endlessly play Bluey on repeat without commercial breaks or any censorship.

Bluey spirograph

Yes, this one is intended for kids, but find me an adult who doesn’t want to play with a spirograph, and you’d be talking about Ebenezer Scrooge. Made by Playmonster, The Bluey Spirograph is an entrancing art toy designed to inspire creativity with gorgeous spiraling artwork that everyone loves. This set includes Bluey stickers along with four themed character sheets to make beautiful geometric patterns in multiple colors with the markers included in this offbeat product.

Bluey Magnetic Playset

A hybrid when it comes to activities, the Bluey Magnetic Playset is a true underdog when it comes to Bluey toys. This unique item is all-inclusive, comprising a tin with scenes that children can decorate using the 75 pop-out magnets that come in this set. Children can use their imagination to tell their own stories and create Bluey adventures they control, then easily pack it up and store everything back in the resilient metal container when they’re done.

Bluey Calendars

Any parent who uses Facebook has probably seen advertisements for a Bluey advent calendar. Most of those are promoting unlicensed products, and the results always look terrible. There is currently only one official Bluey Advent Calendar, courtesy of Moose Toys.

The 24 small gifts include exclusive figures in Christmas outfits, stickers, a mini Christmas tree, accessories, and even a figure of Bluey’s gift from “Christmas Swim,” Bartleby. You’ve even got authentic Christmas items from Australia as seen in some of Bluey’s Christmas episodes.

There are two versions of this advent calendar, including one found online and in stores like Target and Aldi, but Amazon has an exclusive edition (seen above) with very different items from the regular release including that aforementioned articulated Bartleby figure as well as Bingo’s Grey Dancer dolphin toy.

Some folks have tried their luck at ordering from third-party websites that offer monstrously cheap Bluey products, and inevitably receive some peculiar-looking merch. We recommend avoiding places like that, as most of the items will be bootlegs of inferior quality. If you want to try it as a gag, go for it – but if you’re expecting a legit Bluey toy at a price that’s too good to be true, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Bluey Shirts

Wal-Mart and Target are your official homes for affordable Bluey t-shirts, but RSVLTS is where you’ll find the high-end fashionable drip. Their initial launch of gear sold out practically in an instant, but they do have some holiday-inspired shirts for children and adults still available as of this article’s publishing date. This is some classy stuff, which is odd to say when talking about patterns featuring cartoon dogs, but RSVLTS has a handle on it with their bold and elegant designs that capture the heart of the show in a shirt that tells everyone who the true Bluey lover is in the family.

While Etsy users may not necessarily have the proper rights to sell official Bluey merchandise, we can suggest heading there if you’d like something hand-crafted or personalized. You can find anything from stickers, pins, blankets, car shades, night lights, and so much more! Likewise, places like Teepublic are boons for those hunting for adult shirts and apparel. Both sites rank high for finding something for a more mature Bluey fan, but do your due diligence before making any purchases. Etsy is a hotbed for bootleg designers copying other people's artwork without their permission, so we urge caution in deciding which users to support.

No matter who you’re buying a Bluey gift for, what matters most is enjoying the holidays together as a family. Making memories with each other is just as important as the goodies received, so no matter what you celebrate, make it a Bluey holiday you’ll never forget.

Bluey is available to stream in the US on Disney+.

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