Sep. 22, 2023

Kai Lenny Is Chasing The World’s Biggest Waves — And Now, Twins

ByAlex French

The Outside Issue

Dives In

The Outside Issue

Dives In

Have you ever really watched your kids splashing about in a pool, filling buckets up in the ocean surf, or foraging knee-deep in a creek? You'll see curiosity, serenity, joy — the near-universal responses to spending time on or near the water. We've always been drawn to the water, and studies show that when we’re near it — or even just viewing pictures of it — our blood pressure drops, our heart rate slows, and we report higher levels of life satisfaction. It settles the mind, eases communication, and connects us to the natural world. This is why for our second annual Outside Issue, Fatherly is diving right on in — celebrating shores and waterways, swimming and fishing, and giving our kids and ourselves just a splash of serenity.

The 41 Greatest Public Shores In The U.S.

Beaches, lakefronts, and shorelines that are beautiful, pristine — and open to all.

by Julia Holmes, Tyghe Trimble and Anna Traver
Ariela Basson/Fatherly; Getty Images

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