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6 Pour-Over Coffee Makers That Will Change Your Life

Making excellent coffee doesn't have to be hard or expensive. These pour-over coffee makers are proof.

by Doug Schnitzspahn
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The pour-over method of making coffee is like fly fishing: It’s more artful, more pure, and it delivers more satisfaction when the result is in your hand, even if it takes a bit more work and knowledge.

Pour-over coffee means you — wait for it — pour hot water over coffee grounds in a filter over a cup or carafe. Doing it directly by hand ensures that the water permeates all the grounds, best releasing the full flavor and antioxidants stored in society’s favorite stimulating bean. It also doesn’t over-saturate the grounds, which other brewing methods can do and which makes the coffee more bitter or acidic. Ask your favorite local barista, and they will affirm it’s true: The pour-over makes the perfect cup.

Beyond the art, the pour-over is, in general, cheaper than fancy electric coffee makers or complex espresso machines (which can take training to operate). While the pour-over requires some grace to master, it’s no harder than, say, frying a perfect egg. Figure out how to do it, and you can enjoy a fine cup of coffee anytime you want. And yes, there are fancy pour-over machines that replicate the process, but in this case, we're talking about the purest version of the form.

So the only question that remains is not if you should purchase a pour-over coffee maker, but which one is best for your needs and style. Read on. We have you covered.

The Classic

The Crowd Pleaser

The Work of Art

The Traveler

The Pour-Over Cup

The Showstopper


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