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The 9 Coolest Parenting Products On Kickstarter That Would Change Your Life

Thanks to the internet, anyone can identify a problem and passively hurl insults at it from behind a curtain of anonymity bring a world-changing solution to life through the magic of crowdfunding. And you, Joe Consumer, can purchase said solution, provided of course that enough other Consumer Joes throw their money at it within a predetermined timeframe. The site that started it all, Kickstarter, is a veritable goldmine of stuff you may or may not be able to buy that might or might not improve your life as a parent immeasurably … depending. Here’s a list of cool Kickstarter projects for parents you’ll definitely want to back right now, assuming these inventions will still be able to help you by the time they actually ship. Worst-case scenario, you get your money back and still have all the same problems.

Baby Sak

Baby Sak -- kickstarter projectsFinally, a diaper bag that’s interchangeable between mom and dad! (Although the name suggests it was designed with a primary user in mind.) Shareability is nice, but the real cool thing about this carry-all is the integrated changing pad — another giveaway that it’s primarily for dad, since men’s rooms notoriously lack such amenities. So just think, by backing this, you’re also helping to shut up Ashton Kutcher.
Pledge Levels: $39-$89
Estimated Delivery: April, 2016

The Family Unit

The Family Unit -- kickstarter projectsThis handy case can simultaneously store and charge up to 4 mobile devices in individual slots, letting your clan stop pphubbing each other long enough to share a meal or quiet moment like a loving family unit. So it’s not just a clever name. A master key is required to open the box, so you decide when you’ve had enough togetherness and are ready for your kids to ignore you again.
Pledge Levels: $4.50-$450
Estimated Delivery: Spring, 2016

Corrupted Kids’ Books

Corrupted Kids' Books -- kickstarter projectsSo successful was Dave Berns’ ‘Where The Wild Things GWAR’ print that he doubled down on the horror/death metal/children’s book mashup strategy and now things are very, very weird. The Very Hungry Caterpillar became The Very Human Centipede, The Cat In The Hat became The Creep In The Claw by Dr. Craven, and you definitely do not like green eggs and ham. The opposite of good, clean family fun. Which makes it great.
Pledge Levels: $15-$200
Estimated Delivery: December, 2015


Thermowand -- kickstarter projectsInfrared thermometers have a hit-or-miss reputation in terms of their efficacy, but everyone can agree that it’s better to be farther away from patient zero while taking their temperature in order to not wake them up (and avoid rogue snot rockets). According to science, the magic number is 3 feet away, and Thermowand claims accuracy to +/- 0.1 degrees Centigrade from that distance — twice as accurate as FDA requirements. If it’s even half that accurate, it’s 10 times better than sticking something up a baby’s butt.
Pledge Levels: $5-$1,000
Estimated Delivery: January, 2016


Hoko -- kickstarter projectsAnother bit of wearable tech for your kid, this cuddly looking sensor straps to their clothing and lets you know if they’re too hot, too cold, or perfectly content (if the eardrum-shattering tantrum wasn’t offering any clues). It also senses moisture — the kind in the atmosphere, not the kind you check for 12 times a day, although both might require a wardrobe change.
Pledge Levels: $10-$500
Estimated Delivery: February, 2016


Angee -- kickstarter projectsThough fully funded, you can still be among the first to own Angee, “The first truly autonomous home security system” offering 360-degree views of your home and its perimeter using proximity and motion sensors. It’s cordless, with voice recognition, autonomous arm and disarm, zone detection, and more future stuff so you can see everything going on in your home, all from your phone. It also makes a sweet gif. Look at it spin!
Pledge Levels: $1-$7,500
Estimated Delivery: October, 2016


KIRAKIRA Academy -- kickstarter projectsIf backed, KIRAKIRA Academy will teach girls engineering and 3D modeling software like Autodesk, Rhino and Solidworks through interactive courses designed specifically for them. Student-created 3D models will then be sold on KIRAKIRA’s website, with proceeds going towards students’ college tuition funds. It’s like online GoldieBlox, if the kit taught girls how to build the next GoldieBlox.
Pledge Levels: $5-$5,000
Estimated Delivery: December, 2015

One Child Kids Bowl

One Child Kids Bowl -- kickstarter projectsAlong the journey to feeding themselves, your kid will fail, and their bowl will fall. A lot. The One Child Kids Bowl helps with an elongated side to provide leverage for your spoon-challenged child and keep food from landing on the table and floor. It’s also made of microwaveable, dishwasher safe, unbreakable silicone, although no futuristic feature stops a bowl from getting pushed off the table while filled to the brim. Which will also happen.
Pledge Levels: $1.50-$755
Estimated Delivery: December, 2015

World’s Greatest Beanie

World's Greatest Beanie -- kickstarter projectsYeah, your kid has a beanie, but do they have the perfect beanie? Of the future? There’s a reason this thing is fully funded. Get yours while you still can.
Pledge Levels: $5-$5,000
Estimated Delivery: December, 2015