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The Best Last-Minute Hanukkah Gifts for Every Type of Kid

Everything you need for your eight-day gift-giving master plan.

As any Jewish parent will tell you, Hanukkah is a lot harder to shop for than Christmas. It requires an eight-day-long master plan, detailed strategy, and at least one Amazon doomscroll breakdown in which you convince yourself your kids will be happy with gelt and a dreidel. Don’t be the parent that just gets your kid gelt and a dreidel. You get one chocolate cop-out, preferably on Day 4 or 5, but you’ll need seven more personalized gifts for every other night of the holiday, planned out meticulously so you don’t give away all the good ones before the week is up. It’s no easy feat (and for those who celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, our prayers are with you), but we’ve found some of the best Hanukkah gifts, for kids of all ages, to make it a little easier.

Best Hanukkah Gifts for Preschoolers

These glowing bath buddies are a surefire way to make bath time more fun for your kid (and therefore easier for you). It comes in five colors, each with its own unique personality and name. With bendable legs and flexible limbs, they can be propped anywhere around the tub for your kid to have an extra friend around when washing up.

Whether your kid is a budding chef, or just a natural foodie, this gorgeous wooden sushi set is the perfect toy for developing creativity and motor skills. The meal is a sashimi feast, with salmon roe, tamago, shrimp with a rubber tail, tuna, salmon and seaweed, all of which can be deconstructed and put back together with easy-to-use velcro attachments. Plus, its realistic and clean design makes it a fun decoration to have around the kitchen area even when it's not being used.

Lego sets can be brutally expensive, but this creative novelty mug is an easy way for your kid to get their creative juices and motor skills flowing early in the day. Plus, they can make use of any extra building bricks they have lying around (and getting in your way).

Best Hanukkah Gifts for Little Kids

This personalized tote bag is the perfect gift for your kid to show off during their next dance class. It's large enough to fit most dance essentials, and its durable cotton material is sure to last until they grow out of its style. With four images to pick from, and the option to add any name or nickname in a playful cursive font, this bestselling Etsy bag is the perfect gift for any young dancer.

This educational toy is the perfect gift for any kid aged 7 and up. The chemistry set comes with 18 unique experiments with all the necessary supplies and easy-to-follow instructions.

Who doesn’t love miniatures? This food-inspired eraser set is an adorable gift with broad appeal. The 30-piece set includes mini-erasers in the shape of fast food, fruits and vegetables, and doughnuts, among other things, most of which can be pulled apart and rearranged to make new shapes. For all you get, it's a good value and a good option for last-minute shoppers.

Best Hanukkah Gifts for Teens

This book is a page-turner for any young reader. The story follows 12-year-old Jonas who lives in a colorless utopia marked by content conformity. But once he's assigned the role as the Receive of Memory, he realizes there's a world of color he's missing out on. The haunting novel is a great book for your kid to hunker down with during winter break if they're getting bored.

Most likely, if your kid is a video gamer, they already have the next big PS5 or Gamebox game on their wishlist. So, in hopes that they might spend a smidgen less time in front of the screen this year, gift them an analog board game that includes similar heisty elements. This ubiquitous strategy card game will keep them entertained with family or friends when quarantined at home for the foreseeable future.

The year 2020 has made everyone, even teens, think more about our rights and how to stand up for them. This enamel brooch is an adorable, and affordable, way to commemorate Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the iconic Supreme Court Justice known for her fight for women's rights.

Best Hanukkah Gifts for College Kids

Your kid will instantly be the coolest student in their dorm (if... you know) after bringing back this Crosley record player, currently 30% off, to campus. Even better if you pair it with a couple of their favorite tracks on vinyl.

There's no better present for a busy college student than a gorgeous planner for them to keep track of all their club meetings, assignments, and due dates. This luxury planner from Papier is the perfect treat for a broke student who wants to stay organized.

For some people, quarantine is the perfect excuse to stay home all day. And wearing a blanket only makes it more enjoyable. As winter approaches, this one-size-fits-all blanket-jacket is the coziest way to stay warm. Since first going viral on Shark Tank a few years ago, The Comfy has remained a cult favorite. The original design is sold out on their website; snag it from Amazon before it’s too late.

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