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Get Baked Elsa-Style With This New ‘Frozen 2’ Bakeware Set

And Anna too, of course.

Chances are good that if you have kids, you’ve already sat through multiple iterations of Frozen 2. Chances are also good that you’ve sprung for some Frozen 2 toys, many of them plastic junk with little connection to the actual film. So we were pretty stoked to see cake pans inspired by Frozen 2. At best, they’re tangentially related to the film because Anna and Elsa do not spend their time making pancakes or cakes of any kind. But hey, this bakeware is pretty gorgeous, well-made, and will get your kids off their devices and into the kitchen.

Which us brings to this: If you can deal with an epic mess that resembles a blizzard (ha, Frozen reference right there), baking with kids is truly a rewarding activity for families. According to the nonprofit KidsHealth, cooking together can help kids build basic math skills, when they measure out ingredients. Picky eaters can try new foods and broaden their palate. And kids feel a sense of accomplishment when they dump a bunch of raw ingredients into a bowl, and wind up with dessert.

“Baking with your child helps them better understand what goes into what they eat and the importance of a clean kitchen. The opportunity to bond with your child is invaluable,” says pastry chef  Maëla Conan, who works at the cookie company Michel et Augustin.

Which brings us to the new Frozen 2 bakeware that just launched. If your kid loves Frozen, these pans are a win-win.

You just won breakfast with this Frozen 2 pancake pan.

This nonstick pancake pan makes seven 3-inch pancakes that look like snowflakes.

Frozen without a snowflake is like The Mandalorian without baby Yoda. Just unimaginable.

This pretty blue cake pan is made from cast aluminum and has a nonstick interior.

Mix it all together with these spatulas, featuring Frozen 2 characters.

You get a set of two, so each character is represented and no favorites are played.

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