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Yes, You Can Pre-Order the $350 Baby Yoda Doll. But There Are Other Options.

This version of "The Child" is pricey. But that doesn't mean you have to buy it!

Star Wars / Sideshow Collectibles

For about 30 minutes, during the first episode of The Mandalorianthe vast majority of the world’s population didn’t know Baby Yoda existed. But, by the end of that 30 minutes, everyone wanted one of their very own. The best-kept spoiler secret in recent memory is also a cuddly toy that you can’t cuddle just yet because the toys aren’t actually for sale. In order to keep “The Child” a secret, showrunner Jon Favreau made sure zero advanced Baby Yodas were on the market. Was it worth it to keep the secret? Right now, the latest version of a Baby Yoda toy has been revealed and it will cost you a bundle for this bundle.

This week, Sideshow Collectibles has revealed a Baby Yoda life-size doll that will cost exactly $350. The company is letting you do this in four payments of $52 bucks. You can pony-up and pre-order it right here from Sideshow. But, we’d like to present you, dear reader, with a few — ahem —cheaper options.

Below are four other Baby Yoda dolls you can pre-order that are not $350 bucks.

Talking Baby Yoda is the BEST Baby Yoda. This thing won't arrive until MAY though. Just so you know!

It's here! (For pre-order) but you can officially get excited.

This is a regular action figure. Still awesome though!