Sep. 30, 2022


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Hike Happy

8 Perfect Daypacks For Any Family Hike

ByDoug Schnitzspahn

Playing pack mule on the family hike? These bags will let you carry the necessities in comfort.

Bring The Noise

These Dolby Atmos Soundbars Literally Take Your Home Theater To Another Level

ByScott Tharler

Looking to take your AV setup to new heights? Here’s how to do it right.


The Coolest Features In Lego's New Lion Knight's Castle Build

ByBilly Brown

From trapdoors and hidden passages to a hefty 22 minifigures, here's what makes this set stand out from its predecessors.

Sweet Dreams

7 Restorative Sleep Products To Help You Get More Zzzs

ByJon Gugala

Whether sleeping in or stealing a quick 20, these rest aids will maximize your shut-eye.

Test Drive

6 Tips To Buy An EV Or Plug-In Hybrid For Less

ByMichael Frank

Six tips, tricks, and facts you need to know to make the most of the new rebates.

City S'mores

Solo Stove Looks To Bring The Bonfire To Your Tiny Backyard

ByJon Gugala

No outdoor space? No problem.


Every Parent Needs A Rooftop Box

ByMichael Frank

With these four expert tips, you won’t need a bigger car — and your fuel economy won’t suffer.

Social Studies

25 Helpful Items To Ease You & The Kids Into The School Year

ByBilly Brown and Jon Gugala

The end of summer vacation is a stressful time for everyone. Here’s some gear that’ll take the sting out of the transition.

Rolling On The River

Packrafts For The Rest Of Us

ByTyghe Trimble

Whitewater rafting is a blast, but isn’t exactly an accessible activity. A new type of watercraft is here to change all that.

Test Drive

Test Drive: The 2022 Kia EV6 Is The Most Practical EV For Families Yet

ByStinson Carter

Kia’s first fully electric vehicle sets the stage for an electrifying lineup.


THC Drinks Are the Next Big Thing. But Are They Any Good?

ByStinson Carter

Seltzers. Sparkling wines. Ready-to-drink canned cocktails. Here's what to know about the budding new THC-infused drinks market and a few offerings to consider.

Premium Cable

6 Luxury TVs That Are Worth Every Penny

ByScott Tharler

Stunning screens that articulate, unfurl, and look incredible even when powered off.

Minifigure Medley

The Coolest Minifigures From Lego's Daily Bugle Set

ByBilly Brown

One of the tallest Lego sets also has 25 amazing minifigures, including some never-before-seen ones. Here are our favorites.

Sandy Citadels

This Kit Makes Building Pro-Level Sand Castles A Breeze

ByJon Gugala

Looking for a sand castle that’s perfect every time? Look no further.

Strange Brews

8 Unique Pint Glasses To Add Personality To Your Pours

ByJon Gugala

Oddities, rarities, and seven ways to drink that IPA better.

Fired Up

We Tested The Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens For Cooking The Perfect Pie

ByChristian Dashiell

An open flame is still the best way to cook a pizza. Here are the ovens that'll cook your pie to perfection.