Sep. 24, 2023


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My Backyard Is Now Free of Adult Rules. It’s Working.

ByPatrick A. Coleman

When we made the yard rule-free, I thought it might become the Thunderdome. Instead, it's a place to learn how to enjoy freedom.

Test Drive

The 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe Checks All The Boxes

ByMichael Frank

If affordable, roomy, safe, gas-sipping family cars are your goal, Hyundai’s got your number.

Test Drive

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 Is The Electric Sedan We’ve All Been Waiting For

ByMichael Frank

We’ve finally got an EV that could dethrone Tesla, and it’s coming from Hyundai

Breathe Easy

The Best Air Purifiers To Filter Out All Your Indoor Air Pollution

ByJulia Savacool

No parent should be without an air purifier — or three.

Gift Ideas

The 116 Best Gifts For Dads In 2023


For the guy who (says he) has everything.

Time Management

10 Truly Timeless Mechanical Watches

ByStinson Carter

The joy of mechanical watches is wound into these 10 new timepieces.


What To Do If You Accidentally Run A Disposable Diaper Through The Washing Machine

ByDave Baldwin

Well, sh*t.


Méraud’s Antigua Is A Classic In The Making

ByStinson Carter

This nautical chronograph is an inspired new release from a Belgian watch brand that specialized in vintage movements.

Test Drive

The 2023 Acura Integra Is One Versatile (And Fun) Family Car

ByMichael Frank

A practical, relatively ecological sports car that won’t break the bank? You’re looking at it.

Time Management

Oris Gives Its Classic Pilot Watch A Brand New Movement

ByStinson Carter

The Swiss watch company revamps an iconic timepiece with a new hand-winding mechanical movement made in-house.


5 Great Services That Make It Easy to Rent RVs, Pools, Boats, & More

ByErik Trinidad

Want to rent a neighborhood pool for a few hours? A camper van for the weekend? A family’s worth of camping equipment? These apps have you covered.

Masters Of Their Domain

Fisher Price’s New Seinfeld Figures Are Made For Kids But Meant For You

ByRyan Britt

The new collector's set delivers memories from the iconic show and integrates seamlessly with the brand’s Little People sets.

Test Drive

8 Cutting-Edge Features Of The 2023 BMW X7 xDrive40i

ByBilly Brown

From parental controls that help keep teen drivers safe to an autopilot that navigates tight spots, BMW's latest SUV is loaded with next-level tech.


This Smart Trash Can Turns Smelly Food Waste Into Chicken Feed (Really)

ByBilly Brown

Mill’s new trash can dries your food waste into an odorless substance that is then sent back and turned into chicken feed. Talk about reducing and reusing.


The Best Nerf Guns and Blasters for Every Kid

ByCameron LeBlanc

There's no one best Nerf gun, but these are the best in specific areas.


A Parent’s Guide To Minecraft, According To A Cultural Anthropologist

ByChase Scheinbaum

Can you dig it?