Joshua David Stein

Joshua David Stein is a Brooklyn-based author and journalist. He was Fatherly's Editor-at-Large, a restaurant critic for The New York Observer and has been a food columnist for The Village Voice. He is also the author of many children's books, including 'Brick: Who Found Herself in Architecture'; 'What's Cooking?'; 'Can I Eat That?'; 'The Ball Book'; and 'Cooking for Your Kids'.

Great Reads

The Greatest Picture Books Of All Time, According To Parents, Authors And Illustrators

ByJoshua David Stein, Nadia Aguiar, Ryan Britt, Tyghe Trimble, Julia Holmes, Adam Rubin, Oge Mora, Jason Chin and Ron Barrett

Bedtime reading just got better.

Cuddly Kingdoms

The Life Of Stuffies: An Evolutionary Exploration

Stuffed animals, now known as “stuffies,” have ... evolved since we were kids. One dad goes deep into the toy store jungle to see them in the wild and grapple with their mutation.


Sandy Hook Promise's Mark Barden Will Never Stop Fighting

Daniel Barden was shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School. His father hasn't stopped working since.


Tough Guy Actor (And Actual Tough Guy) Frank Grillo Is a Big Ol’ Softie At Home

The star of "Kingdom," "The Purge" and, most recently, Netflix's "Wheelman" takes the Fatherly Questionnaire.


The Fatherly Questionnaire: Gay Talese

"The only thing that’s special about dinners is that they are preceded by dry gin martinis."


Sorry Kid, Adults Took Superheroes and They’re Not Giving Them Back

Child-appropriate heroes are in the minority. They are an afterthought. They represent both a fraction of the revenue and a fraction of the attention.


Inside Archie McPhee, Seattle’s Weird Kid Paradise

Archie McPhee sells funny trinkets. That doesn't mean it isn't important.


Brio’s New Smart Train Set Is a Brilliant Evolution of a Classic Toy

It's the ideal combination of technology and nostalgia.


What it Meant to Run Away to the Circus

"The circus meant freedom. It meant a way to get out. It meant a way to escape."


‘Star Wars: Jedi Challenges’ Turns You (and Your Kids) Into Padawans

The augmented reality 'Star Wars' game lets players train with lightsabers and their minds. It's great fun.


Disney’s ‘Christopher Robin’ Tells a Winnie-the-Pooh Story That Doesn’t Work

It's all about wage equality which is ironic if you know anything about Disney.


The Best Men’s Combs, According to a Master Barber

A good comb helps your hair look fuller and healthier, two things that men of a certain age might appreciate. And not all are created equal


It’s Sibling Parenting Style Comparison Season!

For distant families, the holidays are a great time to compare and contrast parenting styles


These Are the Best Men’s Shorts I’ve Ever Worn

They feel like pants that got cut short; not underwear that got arrogant.


F@#k ‘Buddy.’ Find a Better Nickname for Your Son.

Don't use the same name on your kid you use on strangers who offend you.


How to Get Your Kid Started in Martial Arts

It all begins with basic strength training.


StockX Founder Josh Luber Has Cool Dad Vibes for Days

Luber is turning sneaker collectors into next-gen stock traders. And he's just getting started.


How Ace Hood Went From Rapping About Cars to Rapping About Fatherhood

Ace Hood got famous rapping about his car and real after the birth of his girls.


Why ‘Bringing Up Bebe’ Couldn’t Make Americans Behave Like the French

Pamela Druckerman pissed off and pleased thousands of parents with her book. Six years later, is it time to stop bébéing?


The Best Creamy Peanut Butters Parents Can Find at the Supermarket

The fight for the ooiest, gooiest, tastiest, spreadable, breadable food stuff