Sep. 27, 2022


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Cool Sky!

Tonight: Jupiter Will Be Closer To Earth Than Ever In This Lifetime

ByDevan McGuinness

“Jupiter’s closest approach to Earth rarely coincides with opposition, which means this year’s views will be extraordinary,” NASA explains.

Cool, Space!

Tonight: Watch NASA Knock An Asteroid Off Its Path With A Spacecraft

ByDevan McGuinness

NASA is set to test its defense system to protect the Earth should an asteroid set a path to collide with us.

Natural Gas

California To Be First State To Ban Natural Gas Appliances Due To Toxicity

ByKristi Pahr

California will ban natural gas heaters, water heaters, and furnaces by 2030 — and might do more than that.

Cool, Space!

JWST's Photos Of Neptune's Crystal-Clear Rings Are A Sight To Behold

ByDevan McGuinness

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) scientists have captured the clearest view yet of Neptune, and it’s breathtaking.

Weird Weather

This Video Of A "Desert Tsunami" At Death Valley Is Truly Wacky

ByDevan McGuinness

“In a surprising quirk of geology, Monday’s magnitude 7.6 earthquake in Mexico triggered four-foot-tall waves in Devils Hole."


Tesla Is Recalling 1.1 Million Vehicles — Here's Why

ByDevan McGuinness

The recall follows reports of a potential issue with the vehicles’ window system.

Work-Life Balance

Results Are In On The UK's 4-Day-Workweek Trial — And They're Astounding

ByKristi Pahr

Midway through the UK’s 4-day-workweek trial — the largest in the world — surveys show promising results.

Cool, Space!

JWST’s First Images Of Mars Are Unlike Any From The Red Planet

ByDevan McGuinness

Scientists are hoping the JWST is the key to answering longstanding questions about the Red Planet.

Embrace Your Weird!

Grimes-Musk Baby Dances To Surprising DJ In Adorable Rare Photo

ByDevan McGuinness

Grimes' baby girl, Exa Dark Sideræl, who she shared with Elon Musk, seems to have already found her zone, and she's not even a year old yet.

Internet Safety

280,000 Kids Targeted By Child Predators On Twitch, Report Claims

ByDevan McGuinness

According to a new report, child predators allegedly target minors by systematically finding and following young Twitch users.


Thousands More People Could Soon Apply For Loan Forgiveness

ByKristi Pahr

Loan forgiveness eligibility is finally on the way for folks with consolidated spousal loans. Here’s what you need to know.

Real Talk

Blake Lively's Pregnancy Announcement Made A Very Important Point About Kid's Privacy

ByDevan McGuinness

“You freak me and my kids out.”

Parental Leave

Parental Leave Pushed Forward In Yet Another Country — Can The U.S. Be Next?

ByDevan McGuinness

Finland has redefined parental leave — for both parents — in the country, and it’s a startling contrast to how parental leave is treated in the U.S.

Revenge Bedtime?

"Night Owls" Burn Less Fat Exercising Than Early Birds, Study Finds

ByKristi Pahr

A new study found that early birds might really get that worm.


The Coolest Underground Abandoned Mine Park Now Lets You Kayak — And It's Unreal

ByDevan McGuinness

A dream come true for the adventurous spirit.

Cool, Sky!

What To Know About Catching The Northern Lights This "Aurora Borealis" Season

ByDevan McGuinness

Interested in learning more about how to see the spectacular views?