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Film snobs think the 1922 movie Nosferatu is the best “adaptation” of Bram Stoker’s famous novel Dracula. The thing is, the Bela Lugosi version is way more influential, and basically, all around better. Not only is his castle freaking amazing, but Lugosi also gives the performance of a lifetime, a performance by the way, which defined Halloween for the rest of time. The Dracula voice is parodied and borrowed so often, it’s hard to remember it actually originated with one guy who happened to just have that accent because he was Hungarian. (In fact, in Lugosi was something of a heartthrob in silent movies before he became Dracula. Ever wonder where the idea of a “hot vampire” came from. Yep! This guy!)

But, the best part about watching the 1931 Dracula with a kid is simple. Not once, ever, do you see those famous vampire fangs in the whole movie! Really! The movie is so good it doesn’t even need fangs to be scary.

Dracula is also on Amazon for rent, but it looks like it’s floating around Vimeo, too.