The Best Father's Day Gift of 2020 Is Here!

To Me, He Was Just Dad, Fatherly’s first book, is a startling and memorable collection of forty personal essays by the children of famous and notorious fathers. Featuring intimate glimpses into the family lives of legends like Bruce Lee, Cesar Chavez, Christopher Reeve, Pablo Escobar, Samuel L. Jackson, and Nolan Ryan, To Me, He Was Just Dad offers a layered portrait of fatherhood, the calling that eclipses even the grandest ambitions. Sentimental? Sure, but also brutally honest and profound.

The perfect Father’s Day present and an ideal inspiration for new parents, To Me, He Was Just Dad is like a pilfered family album, a stolen diary, and a library’s worth of biographies rolled into one memorable book. 

“Those searching for a moving Father’s Day gift need look no further.”

– Publishers Weekly