Lizzy Francis

Lizzy Francis is the News Editor at Fatherly, where she edits news and reports on the public policy that affects the day to day lives of working parents. Lizzy’s focus as an Editor and a reporter is on the social safety net, or lack thereof: the child tax credit, federal paid leave proposals, the four-day workweek, student debt, the political landscape of parenting as an LGBTQ+ parent or raising an LGBTQ+ kid, affordable housing policies, and much, much more. Alongside the hard news, Lizzy covers the fun stuff: meteor showers, celebrity baby names, feats of adventuring.

Lizzy has worked in media since 2017, getting her feet wet first with an internship at Fatherly that turned into a full-time job. Aside from her hundreds and hundreds of published pieces at Fatherly and her work as an Editor here, she’s had fiction and poetry published in magazines associated with New York University like the West 4th Street Review and the Gallatin Review and done poetry readings with groups like Am I Write, Ladies? and For Freedoms. She has a degree from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study where she studied global political dissident movements and their tactics, and has been a member of the Scapegrace Writer’s Workshop since 2015 where she has been working on a novel on-and-off.

She lives in Brooklyn with her partner and her dog, Blueberry. Aside from writing and editing — which make up almost all of her professional and personal time — Lizzy likes to cook, watch terrible television, go on long walks with her dog, and exercise. You can follow Lizzy on Twitter at @lizzy__francis.

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