Lizzy Francis

Lizzy Francis is the News Editor at Fatherly. She also reports for Fatherly, often working on stories about politics, policy, and how the government can help families and children. Her poetry and prose have been published in the Gallatin Review and West 4th Street Review. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her dog, Blueberry, and her partner.

heart health

Is Your Heart Healthy? This New 8-Part Checklist Will Tell You.

A new checklist from the American Heart Association makes it easy to figure out your heart’s health.

Public Affairs

What I Felt After Cheating On My Spouse, According to 6 Men

Not everyone has regrets.

abortion rights

Roe v. Wade Is Over. Families, And So Many More, Will Suffer

The massive reversal of federal civil rights comes 50 years after Roe was decided.


This Map Shows Where You Can Buy Legal Weed Now In The United States

Legalization of weed is happening all over the country. This map shows where.

Sleep Safety

Swaddling’s Out, Tummy Time’s In: New AAP Sleep Guidelines, Explained

New safe infant sleep guidelines are here — and parents should give them a read.


Hardworking Kids Come From Parents Who Do These 6 Things

Kids need balance as much as they need ambition.

Money Games

11 Things Everyone Should Know About The $1.7 Trillion Student Debt Crisis

Three experts explain the 11 things that everyone should know about the student debt crisis.

wild sky

Meteor "Storm" With 1,000 Shooting Stars an Hour Could Happen Tonight

A dazzling display of meteors might hit on Monday, May 30th.

America steps out on families

10 Ways The Child Tax Credit Changed Families' Lives

The Child Tax Credit took millions of kids out of poverty. Now it's gone.


5 Ways to Help Kids, Parents, Victims After Uvalde School Shooting

A nation grieves another preventable massacre against children. What can we do to help?

Vaccines by summer?

Third COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Majorly Boosts Immunity in Kids Under 5, Pfizer Says

After pulling an application for a COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 5, Pfizer has new data that shows a third dose is effective against Omicron.


The Anti-Abortion Movement Is the Enduring Conservative Ethos. Why?

What we know about the anti-abortion movement, and what we don't.


The “Typical” American Mortgage Is $664 More per Month This Year Than Last

A new report shows it's not just homebuyers feeling the squeeze; it's homeowners, too.


Compassionate Children Come From Parents Who Do These 8 Things

In general, parents need to take the long view.


How to Raise a Strong Kid (But Not a Selfish Bully)

No one wants to raise a pushover. Most people don't want to raise bullies, either.


Moderna Seeks FDA COVID Vaccine Approval for Kids Under 6: Vaccines This Summer?

Good news for people who love good news.


What Baby Names Say About Parents’ Political Ideology

Parents name their kids names that they like. But those choices are guided by their race, their wealth, and their politics, according to new research.


New Bills Seek to Help Americans Retire With Enough Money to Actually Live

Americans of all generations are struggling to save enough money, or any money at all, for retirement. A new bill could help make it easier.


How Long Sex Should Last in Your 40’s? Here’s What 8 Women Told Us

The answers might surprise you.


These 5 Indicators Predict Your Kid’s Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke Later In Life

New research points to the power of keeping kids healthy early in life.