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Patrick Mahomes Is Serious About His Son Carrying On This Baby Name Legacy

The power of the nickname — and the family name — combine.

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The Mahomes family is booked and busy these days: Patrick Mahomes II, the QB of the Kansas City Chiefs, is on his way to his fourth Super Bowl in five years. The Chiefs will re-match against the San Francisco 49ers and the whole family — Brittany Mahomes and their two kids, Sterling and Bronze, are sure to be in attendance. No word yet on whether Jason Kelce will go with his own kids. But wait! Brittany Mahomes (jokingly) set the record straight on Bronze’s real baby name during a recent appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show, just days before Patrick Mahomes took his team to the Super Bowl.

Brittany was on the show to talk about childhood allergies — a worrying reality for any parent introducing their baby to solid foods for the first time — when she dropped a hilarious tidbit. After talking about how her daughter Sterling Skye had an allergic reaction to milk, she went on to talk about how her son Bronze had an allergic reaction when he was introduced to peanuts. But she stopped herself short and said, “Patrick Mahomes III.”

“I have to say his real name,” she continued, “or his dad will get mad. His name is Patrick, but we call him Bronze.”

Luckily, baby Bronze is A-OK — and now we have a funny and sweet peek into how the Mahomes family has both passed down a traditional family name while also leaving space for their baby boy to have a unique name that’s all his own.

Patrick Mahomes the QB is, after all, named after his own father, Patrick Lavon Mahomes, who was an MLB baseball player for multiple teams. Patrick Sr. goes by Pat, not Patrick. Pat then named his first son Patrick Lavon Mahomes II, who goes by Patrick.

And when that Patrick and his wife Brittany, a former pro athlete in her own right, welcomed their first baby boy, they gave him the family name — Patrick Lavon Mahomes III — as well as an instant nickname, Bronze, to match older sister Sterling. It’s a nice touch to give a kid their own special nickname, even when they’re tasked with carrying on a family tradition.

While the name Bronze is barely in the top 10,000 most-popular baby names in the U.S., it is in sync with the current dictionary name trend as a name that comes from an existing word (in this case, for the metal alloy) and is gender-neutral.

The Mahomes are not the only athletic power couple to give their child a formal name and nickname all at once. When the legendary Olympian Shawn Johnson East and her NFL husband, Andrew East, announced the birth of their son, Barrett Madison East, they also announced his nickname — Bear.