LGBTQ+ Families

The 5 Biggest Issues Facing LGBTQ Families Today

From lack of parental recognition to reduced access to health care, these are some of the biggest issues facing LGBTQ families today.

LGBTQ+ families come in a wide variety of forms. Whether a parent or child is gay, bisexual, transgender, or identifies as anything else under the rainbow umbrella, there are special considerations for families that include LGBTQ+ members. Some of these are joyful, like being able to express yourself at a Pride parade, and others not so much, like having to help your trans kid navigate the turbulent political environment.

The state of the world for LGBTQ+ families is at an unusual place. In many ways, the queer and trans community has more visibility, acceptance, and support in society than ever before. But at the same time, attacks against the community have grown louder. Many conservatives are specifically targeting kids, with anti-trans bills banning children from sports, bathrooms, and gender-affirming care, and "Don't Say Gay or Trans" bills that prevent kids from seeing themselves represented in the classroom.

As much as this can be overwhelming for LGBTQ+ kids, it can also be difficult for their parents to know how to respond to current events and raise confident and healthy queer and trans children. This is how to lend your support, talk to your kids about LGBTQ+ issues, and navigate the challenges of being an LGBTQ+ family, no matter where you are in your journey.