Tyler Santora

Tyler Santora is the Health & Science editor at Fatherly. They write and edit stories on topics ranging from child development, parenting, fitness, wellness, neurodiversity, men’s health, fertility, and more. They also write the science-themed Fatherly newsletter that comes out every Friday and occasionally write about books and LGBTQ+ issues for Fatherly’s Play and Trending sections.

Tyler is also a freelance science journalist. They have written for publications such as Scientific American, Popular Science, Live Science, Business Insider, Nature Medicine, Undark, Medscape, and more. Tyler is a members of the National Association of Science Writers and the Trans Journalists Association. They hold a Master's in Science, Health & Environmental Reporting from New York University and a Bachelor’s in Biology from Oberlin College.

Tyler lives in Aurora, CO with their partner and a rotating cast of foster dogs. In their free time, they enjoy writing fiction, playing quadball, and volunteering at a dog shelter. You can follow Tyler on Twitter @Tara_Santora and check out their website tylersantora.com.

Child Development

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The more screen time a 1-year-old gets, the greater their risk of this.

Low T

Testosterone In Men Is More Stable Then We Thought — But 10 Factors Can Lower It

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Mental Health

Social Media Doesn't Make Kids Depressed, Study Shows

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Marijuana Use Has Risen To Historic Levels — And Isn’t Slowing Down

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Family Matters

This Is How Long It Takes Your Relationship To Rebound After A Baby

After welcoming a new child, marriage satisfaction often declines. A new study explores when it levels out.

Reproductive Health

The Vasectomy Boom Is Here — And It Started Before Roe v. Wade Was Overturned

More men are seeking out sterilization than ever before.

Flu Season

Flu Vaccine Ingredients 2023: What's In The Flu Shot, And Why?

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How Worried Should Parents Be About Increasing COVID Cases Now?

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Marijuana Woes

How To Sober Up From Weed

Got a little too high? This is how to come down quickly.

Viral Challenge

The Chair Challenge, Explained: A Viral Fitness Trend Men Can’t Seem To Win

Go ahead, try to pick up that chair. We dare you.


Your Rules Around Food Can Scar Your Kids. Here's How To Fix Them

Parents often model disordered eating to their children without even knowing it.


Your Attention Span Is Dying — This Is How You Save It

A researcher explains why our attention spans are dying and how to regain control of them. (Stick with us here!)

Breathe In, Breathe Out

7 Ways To Protect Your Kids From Wildfire Smoke And Bad Air Quality

Children are especially vulnerable to wildfire smoke. Keeping them safe is crucial.


The Best Astronomy Apps For Families, According To Astronomers

If your family loves to gaze up at the night sky, these apps can help.

Catching ZZZ's

Get Your Child To Bed Quickly With Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Kids

If you relax the body, you relax the mind, you get the kids to sleep.

Mental Health

Clancy Martin Is Making Peace With His Suicidal Tendencies

Depression is something one lives with, not something we can eliminate. Martin helps us all understand this — and build a philosophy to combat it.


Why Trans Kids Need To Be Allowed In Sports, According To A Trans Athlete

Legislators across the country are trying to ban trans kids from sports. Swimmer and advocate Schuyler Bailar explains why they shouldn't.

Brain Blast

8 Easy Ways To Keep Your Brain Young

You can dramatically decrease your risk of dementia with just a few easy lifestyle changes.

Dope Dads

Is Weed Bad For You? A Close Look At The Risks And Benefits Of Marijuana

Here's what the science really says about cannabis.


What The Science Says About Smoking Weed While Pregnant

New research links pot use by pregnant people to low birth weight, preterm birth, and autism. The risk, it would seem, is not worth the rip.