Tyler Santora

Tyler Santora is the Health & Science editor at Fatherly. They write and edit stories on topics ranging from child development, parenting, fitness, wellness, neurodiversity, men’s health, fertility, and more. They also write the science-themed Fatherly newsletter that comes out every Friday and occasionally write about books and LGBTQ+ issues for Fatherly’s Play and Trending sections.

Tyler is also a freelance science journalist. They have written for publications such as Scientific American, Popular Science, Live Science, Business Insider, Nature Medicine, Undark, Medscape, and more. Tyler is a members of the National Association of Science Writers and the Trans Journalists Association. They hold a Master's in Science, Health & Environmental Reporting from New York University and a Bachelor’s in Biology from Oberlin College.

Tyler lives in Aurora, CO with their partner and a rotating cast of foster dogs. In their free time, they enjoy writing fiction, playing quadball, and volunteering at a dog shelter. You can follow Tyler on Twitter @Tara_Santora and check out their website tylersantora.com.


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