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Deal: Wayfair Is Having a Massive Sale on Patio Furniture. Here are 3 Things to Buy

These are some great sales.

Listen: outdoor furniture doesn’t, nay, shouldn’t be the very best quality. After all, it’s meant to sit outside, often uncovered, and endure bugs and wind and spittle from the sky. Chairs and tables should be comfortable and decent looking, yes, but you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on them. That’s where Wayfair comes in. The company specializes in that fine, just fine, type of furniture that’s durable enough, looks perfectly acceptable sitting on a patio, and comes from brands you don’t recognize. Normally, Wayfair’s prices are too high for the off-brand stuff, but the company is having a massive mid-summer sale on patio furniture that ends tomorrow and is definitely worth checking out. Several good looking pieces of furniture are more than 50 percent off, a discount that saves you, in some cases, nearly $700. If you want to upgrade your outdoor furniture, here are a few items to check out.

Vankirk 4 Piece Sectional With Cushions

Normally $1900, this dual couch setup, which is wrapped in water-resistant wicker and features foam-stuffed, polyester cushions, is on sale for $773. The price includes the glass-topped coffee table.

Buy Now $773

Mesquite 4 Piece Sectional Set with Cushions

This L-shaped setup features cushions made from olefin fabric, a durable, synthetic fiber often found in high-end resort furniture. The sectional itself feature a wicker-wrapped metal frame that’s certified weather resistant. Normally $1,600, it’s on sale today for $784.

Buy Now $784

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Mike 3-Piece Conversation Set with Cushions

The bright orange cushions on these wicker-wrapped chairs are not only eye catching but they’re also built to endure the elements: the fabric are all-weather certified and moisture repellent. This otherwise standard set normally retails for $380. But today it’s on sale for $173.

Buy Now $173