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7 Pairs Of Super Comfortable Socks That Treat Your Feet Right

These warm, comfortable performance socks treat your feet right on the trail, in the office, and everywhere in between.

by Doug Schnitzspahn
Originally Published: 
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While we obsess over so much performance apparel — from breathable rain shells to wicking base layers to wool caps — we often ignore the body part that takes the most abuse. Stuck in shoes, your much-maligned feet sweat, stink, and suffer in relative ignominy. At least when we go hiking, skiing, or running, we pay a bit of attention to our socks, but the rest of the time, our dogs get stuffed in cheap cotton or stiff polyester to sweat it out.

Why not take advantage of the high-performing qualities of outdoor-sport fabrics every day? If these socks are meant to keep you comfortable in tough conditions like a century ride or a summit push, think about how comfortable you’re going to be when you’re walking around downtown or grocery shopping with your partner. Your feet work hard; they deserve to be pampered. These socks, from the likes of Dark Tough, Smartwool, and other such brands will do that no matter where you take them.

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