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Here’s Where James Bond Movies Are Streaming Now

007 is on the move, leaping from one streaming platform to the next. Here’s where to catch him.

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Fatherly Guide To James Bond
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There’s never a bad time for a James Bond binge, but the holidays always seem like a particuarly good time to revisit 007. We’re still a long way away from a new James Bond actor, or new Bond director, but that doesn’t mean you can’t revisit all twenty-five (ish) movies that have come before.

But, where are all the James Bond movies streaming right now? Like the globe-trotting adventures of the slick secret agent, James Bond movies are frequently moving from one streaming subscription platform to the next. In fact, streaming options for James Bond movies often change monthly. If you’re looking to watch your favorite 007 flick right now, we have the answers, for your eyes only.

From Dr. No to No Time To Die, the following contains the latest on all the streaming options for Bond, James Bond, along with a few other Bond-related recommendations along the way. We’ve been updating this page every month for the past four years and we’re never going to stop. Bookmark now and check back often!

Here’s the latest James Bond streaming update as of January 1, 2024.

James Bond Movies Amazon Prime

Back in November 2023, there were 23 of the the official Bond movies on Prime Video. Now, as of January 1, 2024, that’s down to just 12 movies. Still a lot, but certainly not everything. Here’s a list of ever single Bond movie on Prime, with a notation for which ones are free and which ones are for rental only. Prime has a new landing page for all things James Bond, which is handy, but of course, as of now, doesn’t include all the movies.

TLDR: Prime has roughly half of the James Bond movies streaming free. This shakes out to be about half of each Bond’s individual tenure. I.E. you’re getting three Sean Connery movies (out of six), three Daniel Craigs (out of five), two Pierce Brosnans (out of four), three Roger Moores (out of seven) one Timothy Dalton (out of two), and the lone George Lazenby movie.

Of note, Amazon Prime also has the new reality show 007: Road to a Million. This competition show puts ordinary people into James Bond stunts, and is hosted by Brian Cox of Succession fame. Somehow, he hasn’t actually been in a Bond movie which is a freaking crime.

James Bond Movies On Max

Last year, in 2023, James Bond movies hit HBO Max for the first time. HBO Max is now just called “Max,” which, if you’re thinking of A View to a Kill, could remind you of Christopher Walken’s Max Zorin.

As of January 1, 2024, here are the James Bond movies on Max

(Note: Some purists don’t “count” this one, since it was made separate from the main EON-produced Bond films that began with Dr. No and continue to this day. However, Sean Connery is in it, and it’s basically an ‘80s remake of Thunderball.)

James Bond On Paramount+

As of January 1, 2024, there are no James Bond films on Paramount+.

James Bond Movies On Netflix

There used to be a reliable chunk of Daniel Craig 007 movies on Netflix. But as of January 1, 2024, there are no James Bond movies on Netflix.

James Bond Movies On Hulu

While several James Bond movies have been on Hulu before, there are no James Bond movies on Hulu as of this writing.

2022 James Bond Music Documentary

Prime Video also has the 2022 documentary The Sound of 007 which chronicles the entire history of James Bond music, from 1962 to the present. This documentary is directed by Mat Whitecross, who also directed the excellent 2016 Oasis documentary, Supersonic.

Stream The Sound of 007 on Amazon Prime here.

2023 James Bond Documentary: The Other Fellow

Somewhat famously, author Ian Fleming chose the name James Bond because it sounded “boring.” The “James Bond” Fleming stole his name from was an ornithologist, who wrote a book about the birds of the West Indies. But, there are countless other regular guys with the name “James Bond.” This new award-winning documentary interviews all sorts of real boys and men named James Bond. It’s an emotionally intelligent documentary, great for Bond fans and casual viewers alike.

Stream The Other Fellow on Amazon Prime here.

The Best James Bond Coffee Table Book

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s not a horrible time to think about getting a massive James Bond coffee table book, either for yourself or a dad that you might know. The most beautiful Bond book you can snag right now is The James Bond Archives from Taschen. Complied by exert pop historian Paul Duncan, this book covers every single Bond movie — even the ones that “don't count!” The photos are exclusive and incredible, and the interviews range from rare Connery Q&As to the last interview Fleming ever did for Playboy, right up to Daniel Craig’s insights into the making of No Time To Die. The first edition of this sold out in 2021, so better get it now!

Free Bond on Pluto TV (Or Tubi) Is Still OVER

Free James Bond movies on Pluto TV haven’t been available for a year. There’s a chance these free streaming 007 flicks could come back. But as of right now, they’re gone.

Spoof James Bond

Confused as to why they are two Casino Royales? Well in 1967, the great Peter Sellers tackled a spoof Bond called Casino Royale. David Niven, of Pink Panther fame, plays a retired, dandy James Bond. But, there are several other characters who are also called “James Bond.” Is it good? Well…you can watch this version of Casino Royale, on Amazon Prime right now.

George Lazenby Documentary

At the moment, Hulu still has the documentary Becoming Bond streaming for subscribers. This movie is all about how auto mechanic George Lazenby landed the role of Bond for his one and only movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Check it out here.

James Bond on Blu-Ray

What happens when James Bond isn’t streaming? Maybe it’s time for the physical Blu-rays. Check out this complete set (minus No Time To Die) here.

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