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All In On 007

“Mr. Bond, I’ve been expecting you...”

Over seventy years after he first appeared in the Ian Fleming novel Casino Royale and sixty years after the first Sean Connery-led film Dr. No, Bond still resonates. Sure, the suave super spy has changed over the years, showing us more emotional availability and vulnerability and less sexism. But the core of the character remains: Bond is a man who is constantly put to the test — physically, mentally, and emotionally — by increasingly powerful adversaries. His fortitude, stoicism, and resilience in the face of it all, well, a man, boy, or dad, can learn a thing or two about that. Count Fatherly as one such source that takes to heart the many political, sartorial, and life lessons from Bond. Here, in one place is Fatherly’s ongoing coverage of 007’s world, and what his world says about us as men and fathers.

Fatherly Guide to James Bond

Dad Binge

10 Killer Christmas Action Movies That Aren't Die Hard

ByMatthew Jackson

You don't always need Bruce Willis for Christmas to kick *ss.

Positively Shocking

James Bond’s Guide To Getting Fitter, Healthier, And Happier

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Let the king of good taste and optimization guide you to become your best self.

The Fatherly Nightstand

The Coolest James Bond Adventures Are The Ones You've Never Heard Of

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Next James Bond Casting Rumor Reveals An Awesome Multi-Actor Twist

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Are we getting TWO James Bonds in the next movie?

Fatherly Icons

Nobody Does It Better Than Pierce Brosnan

ByRyan Britt

As a father, and man of action, the 70-year-old former 007 is still kicking ass with a twinkle in his eye.

McCartney, Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Reveals His Famous James Bond Song Isn’t About Death

ByRyan Britt

“Live and Let Die” has a surprisingly upbeat secret message.

Watch Together

60 Years Later, The James Bond Of Family TV Is Hitting Disney Plus

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Now is the time to get into Doctor Who with your kids.

Smooth Talker

60 Years Ago, One Perfect Spy Flick Created A New Standard For James Bond — Literally

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Shaken and Stirred

007 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About The First James Bond Movie — Dr. No

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Without this 1962 film, the Bond franchise would have been very different.

Shaken and Stirred

James Bond Could Suddenly Become The Next Dark Knight Trilogy

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Rumors suggest Christopher Nolan could take over the 007 franchise.